Deceptive Treasures: Slye Temp Book 5

Deceptive Treasures: Slye Temp Book 5 by Dianna Love

Book: Deceptive Treasures: Slye Temp Book 5 by Dianna Love Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dianna Love
it, even if their own men are onboard,” Jin said loud enough to remind Tanner that she was still sitting inches away .
    He hadn’t forgotten . His body hadn’t either, in spite of his remembered history with Allie. Studying the night skies had done nil to send Big John back into hibernation. Weird to have this reaction to a woman just because he was sitting close to her.
    “Don’t you see the beauty in taking a patrol boat?” he said, and smothered a smile at her scowl.
    He’d never admit that he’d had the same reservation when he and Nick had found this boat shoved up against the bank . Nick had taken one look, grinned and suggested, “What better boat to drive down the middle of the Taedong River than one that belongs to the military? Who’s going to bother us?”
    Nobody, or maybe the entire fucking DPRK naval fleet.
    Nick had made a valid point, even if a Vegas bookmaker wouldn’t take this gamble for all the money in China . Tanner shrugged at Jin, who shook her head and muttered, “We’re all going to die.”
    She huddled into herself . Had to be cold. She didn’t weigh enough to keep a mouse warm, but she wouldn’t admit being uncomfortable. Not when she could berate Tanner some more.
    “What if you run out of fuel ? Did you even check?”
    “There’s fuel.”  To be honest, he and Nick had guessed at which control indicated fuel level, but Nick and Har should have that figured out by now.
    Jin wasn’t done chewing on him. “What if you meet another patrol boat and they call you on the radio? What will you tell them?”
    “I don’t know.” There were so many ifs at this point, Tanner needed a spreadsheet to keep up with them. He finally gave her his full attention, and it was loaded with irritation. “If I stop to wonder about every possible problem, I would’ve thought twice about bringing you with us.”
    Her lips opened in a small O before she snapped them shut and looked away . “I should have known better.”
    Better than what?
    Had he hurt her feelings?
    He was too freakin’ tired and on edge about getting out of here for her to push him constantly . Women would forever be his downfall. He couldn’t let one face a threat alone. He couldn’t leave this one to face the fury of a military they’d outmaneuvered, with her help.
    And he couldn’t tolerate answering to anyone other than Sabrina when he was in the middle of an op, responsible for getting his team—and his own ass—out of the fire .
    Jin’s fingers touched his arm . “I am sorry. I am saying that this is madness. There must be a better way.”
    She had that right about this being madness, but Tanner had been stuck playing the only hand left on the table . There must be a better way. He’d heard those words before from another woman who hadn’t appreciated the sacrifice he’d made.
    Screw that .
    If Jin didn’t like the way he and his men were getting them out of Dodge, she didn’t have to stay for the ride . He caught her chin with his fingers and turned her head to him to make sure she heard him. “You were the one who decided to join us. Say the word and I’ll drop you off somewhere.”
    He knew she couldn’t see his face, but he sure as hell saw the stricken look on hers . She snatched her chin from his hand, wrapped her arms around her knees and stared at nothing.
    “I cannot go back.”
    He barely heard her words over the roar of the jet engine beneath them. The desperation in those four words slugged him and forced the truth to surface.
    He’d never leave her in the middle of nowhere.
    Instead of hammering on him further, she explained, “After I saw Pang’s boss dragged away, I ran home. Soldiers were waiting outside my apartment. No place will be safe for me anywhere in this country, or for anyone who associates with me, if I go back. I was lucky to get away when I could.”
    Maybe she was telling the truth about everything and she really did just want to defect . “So their boss is the reason

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