Dawn Marie Hamilton - Highland Gardens

Dawn Marie Hamilton - Highland Gardens by Just in Time for a Highland Christmas

Book: Dawn Marie Hamilton - Highland Gardens by Just in Time for a Highland Christmas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Just in Time for a Highland Christmas
    If that was to be their destiny, they would both
be better off if she remained with his family in this future place. “Da, what
do you ken? Please tell me.”
    “I have read all the accounts available of reiver
activity in the area. I believe Maclay and the Lamont renegades were
responsible for the raids against both clans, us and the Lamonts. There is a
tale about an unnamed lass who led them. A legend of sorts. Historians question
its validity. My guess is that Isobell is the unnamed lass.”
    “She would have never thieved from Lamonts.”
    Da held up a hand. “Agreed. She may have only
kenned about and participated in the raids against you and our clan.”
    Archibald shook his head. Could Isobell have hated
him so much? Aye . “Isobell was given to believe I led the raids against
the Lamonts.”
    “Guessed as much.” Da’s expression turned grim.
“What will you do?”
    “Dinnae ken.” Archibald slapped a palm against his
    “Isobell’s name is not mentioned anywhere
connected to the raids in the accounts. Either you struck it from the record or
no one ever learned of her involvement.”
    Thank the good Lord . “If what you say is
true, if she led the raids, she should be punished. What should I do?”
    “Forgive her.”
    He nodded. Though he wasn’t in full agreement. Her
allegiance with her clan was appropriate and she’d believed her actions
righteous. Still…
    “Revenge for the sake of revenge is wrong,” he
thought aloud.
    “Perhaps you can find a way for her to make
    Archibald pursed his lips and considered many
options and came up with naught.
    “Go and find your wife. Convince her, gently, with
tenderness, that she belongs with you in the past.”
    He wasn’t feeling particularly gentle and
certainly not tender. Archibald stalked through the back garden, through the
woods, and across the meadow to Patrick’s house. Isobell wasn’t in any of the
main floor chambers. In frustration, he searched the garden then found her in
the glass house working with Laurie, potting plants.
    The glass house was an amazing place. Moist heat
kept the plants thriving though the weather outside had turned cold. He wished
he could build such a structure at Castle Lachlan. Perhaps his progeny would
    If he left Isobell behind, he wouldn’t have any
progeny. No one else could take her place in his heart. Her essence burned in
his soul. He needed to learn the truth. “Isobell, may I have a word with you in
    She smiled, put on a jacket, and followed him into
the garden.
    “Tell me everything that happened the year you
were missing.”
    Her lips curved down. “Can we just forget that
    “Nae. There is much I need to understand.”
    “It doesn’t matter what I have done. You will
never forgive me for my betrayal against you. Will you?”
    “I dinnae ken.” He shook his head. “I just dinnae
ken.” He pivoted and left her standing in the gray garden, looking forlorn.
Perhaps she was right. Perhaps he couldn’t forgive her.
    He brooded over the circumstances of his life for
the remainder of the day and evening, and when he came to a decision, he went
in search of Munn. He found the imp in Patrick’s house sitting on the floor
playing with the children. His wee niece stood, wobbled, and threw her arms
about Archibald’s legs. “Daddy.”
    The one word was like a dagger to the heart. He
wanted to be a da. If he left without Isobell that would never be. His younger
brother Suibhne would be his heir.
    Fine. He would harden said heart. “Come, Munn.
’Tis time to return to our time.”
    He wouldn’t tell the family he was leaving. They
would attempt to stop him. He hoped they’d understand in time. He strode from
the house through the courtyard to the back and just beyond the garden gate.
    There was no mist this night. A half-moon shone
brightly from a clear night sky. Archibald felt naught unusual as he stepped
onto the mound. No fae-like pull of any kind.

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