Dark Side of the Laird (Highland Bound)

Dark Side of the Laird (Highland Bound) by Eliza Knight

Book: Dark Side of the Laird (Highland Bound) by Eliza Knight Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eliza Knight
not ready for.
    I bent over, tugging the last boot over my heel when the door between our rooms slid open and Logan stepped through. I looked up at him, forgetting all about the laces on my boot and ran toward him. He held out his arms, cat ching me against his solid form. His clothes were cold, but the warmth of his body seeped through. He smelled crisp and cool like the outdoors, mixed with his own spicy scent.
    “I wish you didn’t have to go,” I said.
    “I know it, love. If only we could turn back the clock. I’d have insisted on the king taking Isabella with him. Or even sent a missive telling him not to come.”
    I shook my head and looked up at him , studying every line and plane on his rugged and devilishly handsome face. “I’m not sure that would have done any good. The king had it in his mind to come here, and who he’d bring. What could you have done? You wouldn’t have run from him, or abandoned your people.”
    Logan glanced down at me, stroking his thumb across my cheek. “Nay, lass, but I would have married ye the moment ye agreed to be my lover.”
    I buried my face in his chest, gripping tight to his linen shirt and breathing in his scent, burning it in my memory.
    “I’ve put you in danger,” I said. “The king…”
    “Shh.” He stroked his hands on my back, comforting me in the cocoon of his embrace. “The king will not harm me.”
    “I know but—”
    He gripped my shoulders and pulled me back as he bent toward me, so we were face to face. “Do ye recall what ye said yesterday in the storeroom?”
    Ummm… yes. And none of it had anything to do with him leaving. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.
    “Not that, lass,” he laughed. “Ye said that together we would get through this, and ye were right. Trust me. Trust us.”
    “I do. ” I chewed on my lower lip, glancing down at the way his shirt opened, revealing just a splash of tan, muscled chest. “But, Logan, I’m not an idiot. The king will do whatever he wants and from what you’ve said he can be a vindictive man. What if he takes offense to what you want? What if he demands you stay there and he comes to fetch Isabella? What if he decides he’s had enough of his secret brother and…and…” I couldn’t even bring myself to say the words.
    Logan frowned, the muscle in his jaw ticking. When he spoke, his voice was deadly calm and serious. “I swear by all that is holy that I will not marry that woman. Ye are the only one for me. No matter what she says, what she does, or what the king decries, she will not be my wife.”
    By the end of his little tirade, his teeth were bared and he looked off into the distance as if contemplating some deadly obstacle.
    I was getting him riled up and angry. Not the way I wanted to part with him. I wanted our last moments together , before three torturous weeks began, to be pleasant and memorable.
    “I’m going to miss you.” I wrapped my arms around his middle and laid my head on his chest. “The bed will be so cold without you to curl up against.”
    He chuckled, his chest rumbling against my ear. “Is that all ye think I’m good for? Warming your toes?”
    I giggled. “And my hands.”
    Logan stroked a heavy hand up and down my back, curled his finger around a tendril of my hair. “The time will fly. I promise. Just think about what’s to come. And if anything…” He trailed off as though he, too, didn’t want to travel down that path again.
    “Tell me. We should leave no questions unanswered.”
    “If ye find yourself to be in danger, for any reason, hide in the secret chamber.”
    “ The secret chamber?” I shuddered. I’d not been back to that dank, decrepit place since Logan showed me the doors. The doors that could lead to death or life.
    “Aye. That chamber. No one will find ye ther e, unless they know of the door, and even then… There are places to hide.”
    I smirked. “Yeah, and I might never come out again.”
    “I need to give ye something.”
    He pulled

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