Dare Me: A Dark Billionaire Romance

Dare Me: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Evelyn Troy

Book: Dare Me: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Evelyn Troy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Evelyn Troy
made her gasp. “Next item. You’re one for two, that’s not bad.”
    Jasmine took advantage of the momentary break to lick her lips, her throat dry from the panting and cries. She realized that the blindfold was wet against her skin—that she could feel tears beginning to trickle from her eyes, soaking into the fabric. And yet—and yet—she still didn’t want to use the safe word. She wanted to see what the third object would be.
    Jasmine started as she felt something cold brush against the curve of her ass, and wondered—not for the first time—where in the room she was. The object brushing against her was hard—as Jasmine turned her puzzled mind towards it, frowning in thought, struggling to gain even the slightest information her sensitive skin could pick up, she thought that it felt something like the handle of her hair brush at home. But this was a punishment item—it couldn’t be something like a vibrator, one of the wands that Dominic had used in their first encounter. “What do you think it is?” Jasmine bit her bottom lip; it was obvious that Dominic was determined to make the identification as difficult as possible.
    “A paddle, Sir?” she asked, trying to remember if she had seen the handle on the one he had used before.
    “Very close,” Dominic told her. “So close, in fact, that I will give you another attempt.” Once more it brushed against her skin, and Jasmine could discern ridges in whatever material coated the object. She shivered, keening with frustration.
    “I don’t know, Sir! If—if it’s not a paddle—I don’t know.” She felt the warmth of Dominic’s hand against her jaw, his fingers lightly caressing her cheek.
    “You tried very hard for this,” he murmured lowly, his breath hot against her ear. “But you know the rules, Jasmine.” She nodded, her head falling forward as she gave herself up to the punishment that she knew Dominic would inflict.
    Jasmine heard movement from behind her, but the pop of the object’s impact against her skin was lost in the gasp that ripped through her throat as a sharp, rectangular flare of tingling heat jolted the curve of her right buttock. She felt a few softer taps against her skin, heard the slap of leather, and then another bright, glittering pop of fire landed against her left ass cheek, followed by another just at the apex of her right buttock. Dominic landed blows in rapid succession, leaving Jasmine panting and gasping for breath, whimpering and moaning as her body struggled against the bindings. Instinct told her to try and flee the fiery assault, but she couldn’t get her wrists free, and then Dominic once more held her firmly in place and she writhed to no avail.
    “This is a riding crop,” Dominic told her, delivering one final blow to her inner thigh that made Jasmine yelp. “It’s not my favorite item to use, but it can be effective, don’t you think?” Jasmine nodded mutely, unable to form words, her body tingling all over. She wasn’t even aware of the pulling ache in her shoulders, the throbbing in her feet from standing in her high heels for so long; every part of her mind was focused on the lingering heat along her front and against her ass. She felt Dominic’s arms coil around her from behind, felt the hardness of his muscled body pressed against her back, and leant into him, even as the movement brought fresh waves of pain.
    After a moment of stillness, she felt Dominic’s arms uncoil, felt him step back from her. “I think you’ve nearly reached your limit. Is that right, Jasmine?” She nodded.
    “Yes, Sir.” She felt the brush of his lips against her shoulder, the heat of his breath along the back of her neck.
    “One more, then. A chance to end this in a tie.” Jasmine could barely hold herself up; she was so exhausted and yet so turned on that her knees felt as though they’d been transformed into jelly, her legs boneless underneath her. She heard

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