Dante's Dream

Dante's Dream by Jana Leigh

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Authors: Jana Leigh
stuck both arms in the tub and pulled out his mate by her arms and drew her out of the water, sputtering and kicking.
    “What the fuck?” s he said with a mouth full of suds.
    “You need to get your ass out of the tub, and tell us what the fuck you think you were doing?” Dante roared.
    “I don’t have to explain myself to you, what an arrogant asshole.  Do you think my world revolves around you?  I can do what I want, when I want, and how I want, without having to answer to you ! ” s he yelled back and grabbed one of the plush towels from the rack and wrapped it around herself, and then grabbed another one and did some weird twisting thing with it and wrapped her head.  Dante stood fascinated with what she was doing.  He had never allowed himself to be this intimate with a woman before.
    Usually he went and had sex, and left.  No dinner, no flowers, and certainly no showers.  His mate was amazing , he thought , and let his gaze run down her body freely.  He felt his cock get hard again as he watched and waited.
    “In fact, I am telling you right now.  I think maybe there has been a mistake.  I won ’ t mate with someone who thinks they can order me around , and I will not be the nice little mate who sit s in the fucking corner and obeys, that is not the mate for me.  I am my own person ! ”  She yelled and pushed past them into the large main room of their su it e.  She saw the bags sitting on the floor by the door and went to them.  Had Brin bought out the whole fucking store? s he wondered , and she pulled one after another to the couch and sat down to see what he had gotten.
    Brin and Dante followed her into the room and stood and watched her.  She dug through the first bag, and found a duffle he bought to carry all of her stuff in.  Laying it flat , she began to go piece-by-piece inspecting each of them.
    “We are not done , ” Dante said calmer.
    “Ye s , we are , ” s he said and looked up with a sad look in her eye.  “You know, I really thought that things were going to be different when I found my mates.  Most of the men in my Pack were intimidated by my strength and power.  They wanted to squash me, make me be something I am not.  I guess I just thought my mates would accept me for what I am.”
    “What the fuck are you talking about?”  Dante yelled frustrated.  “ I never said I didn’t like the way you were , damn it.  I think you are sexy, and hot.  But making my men cum because you are having a fantasy is not the way we really want to have ou r Pack and Clan run.  Hell woman, if it were only Brin and I , we would have joined you.  But as it was, I have six men who are probably in their room showering and cooling down.  I am sorry if I am a little selfish and don’t want the whole fucking magical community know ing I am fucking my mate.  Because I will, and you need to get the projection thing under control before we do, or we will never make it off this rock , because no one can driv e while you are in a frenzy.”
    Jax sat back looking stunned at what he said.  It finally sunk in.  Shit, she had forgotten about that, Dante knew when she licked her lips nervously and sighed.  “Well shit , ” s he muttered and leaned back against the couch.
    “Now that you are out here and calm for the moment, Brin and I will get cleaned up and start making phone calls.  I think it would be best i f we ate in tonight , ” Dante drawled now that the situation was diffused and looked at Brin.  “You go, and then I will.”
    Brin hesitated and looked between Jax and Dante, clearly worried about leaving them alone again.  And with good reason , Dante thought , and chuckled.  “I swear, I will not pick any fight s with her.  I am just going to make a few calls.”
    Brin nodded and looked at Jax, who held up her hands, “I promise.”

Chapter 9
    They had their answer by the time the food came.  Jo and Jax talked on the phone for an hour figuring everything

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