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Dana Marie Bell - Heart'sDesire01 by T L

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Authors: T L
stretch that he’d added some fingers, fucking in and out of her, driving the sensations even higher.
    “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She could hear herself chanting softly, barely aware of what she was saying.
    In answer he pulled her clit into his mouth, strumming it lightly until she was gasping her pleasure, the orgasm so strong her entire body bowed around his head, her fingers tightening in his hair until it had to hurt.
    He waited until she sank back down onto the mattress before prowling up her body. Once again the iris of his eyes was swallowed by the pupil, making his eyes appear black rimmed in gold. It was the sexiest fucking thing she’d ever seen.
    He thrust into her, powering into her. This time it was his hands clenching in her hair. He pulled her head back, using her body with each and every powerful thrust of his cock. He growled softly and buried his face in her neck, biting hard enough to suck up a mark, his hips snapping faster and faster against her.
    Once again she was going to come. It was building, higher and higher, his cock brushing that in-

    credible spot inside her with each pounding drive into her body. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her, grimacing when his hands tightened and pulled her head even farther to the side, exposing her vulnerable neck.
    He picked another spot, biting and sucking, growling long and low against her, his cock moving so fast she knew he was about to come. She wasn’t far behind him, but this time she was determined he would go first. His panting breaths fanned her neck. “God. Love. Coming. Come. My witch.
    Without thought she reached down and stroked her clit, her fingers brushing against the base of his wet cock. With a strangled moan he came, jerking against her in short, stabbing strokes.
    She let go, her own orgasm washing over her in blinding waves, her body clutching his like it never wanted to let him go.
    Chris slowly lowered himself beside her, his cock slipping out of her with a wet sound. “I think I could get used to a morning person.” He grinned at her, his chest heaving, his arm draping around her waist.
    She shook her head at him, feeling too good to take issue with the male satisfaction on his face. Besides, making her come three times? She figured he deserved a little smugness. She glanced at the clock and winced. “I hate to tell you this but I have to get up.”
    He snuggled into her, his knee between her thighs, his head on her chest. “No you don’t.”
    “Yes I do, you big baby. I have to go to work.”
    “Call out sick.”
    “Can’t. I have a big project due today.”
    “But you’re so warm,” he grumbled.
    “Fine.” He huffed, but he let her go, rolling onto his back with a pout.
    “I’ll see you after work, you big baby.”
    “Mm-hmm.” He was already curling up around her pillow. “Smells good.”
    With a sigh, he slid back into sleep. She couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face. “Sleep tight, wolfman.” She leaned over and kissed his forehead. “I like you too.”

    * * * *
Christopher woke to the sound of a loud thud. He stretched, grateful for the extra sleep Lana had—
    “Get off me, you big ape!”
    Christopher lurched out of bed, grabbed his jeans, and began shoving his legs into them. Lana sounded pissed, but worse, she sounded scared.
    “What in hell is wrong with you?” Gareth was bellowing like a wounded bull. “You want to wind up a smear on the landscape?”
    Gareth? What the fuck was he doing that Lana sounded scared? Christopher was at the bedroom door pulling it open when Lana screeched. “Let go of me!”
    He thundered barefoot down the stairs just in time to see Gareth land on the floor, hands cradling his balls. “What the fuck is going on?”
    Gareth was rolling around on the floor, his face a rictus of agony. “Owww.”
    Lana flipped her hair over her shoulders, glaring at Gareth. “He grabbed hold of me and threatened to tie me

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