Caught Up in the Touch

Caught Up in the Touch by Laura Trentham

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Authors: Laura Trentham
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Sports
something I want you to see.”
    “Up there?” She pointed at the makeshift ladder, incredulity lilting her question high.
    He raised his eyebrows and tutted. “Can’t do it?”
    “Please.” She grabbed at a board nailed to the tree and tugged, testing its sturdiness. Before she raised a foot, she looked over her shoulder at him. “If I’m going to do this, you have to turn around, perv.”
    He chuckled and faced the woods. He hadn’t actually been thinking about her pantyless state until she mentioned it. And, now that she had, it was all he could focus on. What would it feel like to push her skirt up and have those legs wrapped around him? What would she look like naked except for those fuck-me heels? Blowing out a long, steadying breath, he looked to the treetops, a shadowy greenish gray in the dusk.
    “I’m up,” she said.
    So was he, in a very embarrassing way. He swung himself up and settled opposite her, stretching his legs out so his boots were at her hip. Thank goodness, the shadows were even deeper in the blind.
    “Were you planning to hunt today?” A hint of upper-class distastefulness stamped out the drawl that crept into her voice when she was relaxed. He trailed his gaze from her mussed hair, over her wrinkled blue blouse, and down her legs to her scuffed red-bottomed shoes. She had never had to worry about money or food.
    “I carry a gun out here more for protection these days, but I used to hunt. And before you get on a soapbox, I eat what I kill. Mostly deer. Honestly, I’m not sure how we would have made it growing up if it hadn’t been for what I brought out of the woods and what Ada grew.”
    “I’ve never had deer meat.”
    “It’s delicious. So are squirrel, rabbit, and wild turkey, if you know how to prepare the meat.”
    “Squirrel?” She said it as if he’d offered her poop on a stick as an appetizer. “They’re basically rodents.”
    “Yep. But tasty fried up with a bit of gravy.” He paused. “You interested in dinner one night?”
    “Not if squirrel’s on the menu.”
    Suppressed laughter lent a tease to his voice. “Come on now, you have a wicked sense of adventure.”
    She pressed both palms flat on the wooden floor by her hips. “Why would you even think that? I can assure you I’m the dullest, most routine-driven person you’ll ever meet.”
    She wasn’t smiling, in fact, her shoulders inched toward her ears, and she looked over the trees, avoiding his gaze. He cocked his head. “I don’t know. Being a guinea pig for Lilliana. Hopping on my ATV to spend the night out in the boonies. Pretty spontaneous, if you ask me.”
    “I can assure you, I’m driven by logical facts and decisions.”
    “What was logical about deciding to spend two nights out here with no preparation? Were you a girl scout? Have you even camped before? That was the first time you’ve ever peed outside, wasn’t it?”
    “Maybe. But I could survive.” Her voice hardened with determination, and he had no doubts she would survive, maybe even thrive. “I’ve seen that show where they dump two people naked out in the woods to survive for like a month. This is only two nights.”
    “If you’re suggesting we strip naked for this little adventure, I’m all in. You first.”
    Her shoulders relaxed with her laugh, and her gaze coasted down his body, lingering somewhere around the zipper of his pants.
    Jesus H. Christ, was she checking him out? His semi-hard dick reared to attention, the zipper growing taut.

Chapter 7
    The mosquito feasting on her calf drew her attention away from his body. Once again, her gaze had drifted straight to his pants. She slapped a hand against her calf and flicked off the flattened bug. “I’m not stripping naked. These mosquitos are eating me up as it is.”
    “Can’t say as I blame them.” Naughtiness sugared his drawl.
    Heat whooshed through her body. The powerful physical attraction was one aspect she could, if not squash, at least control. The real

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