right there, too.
    When her knees were to either side of his hips, he grabbed her breasts and brought her down so that he was licking and sucking her sensitized nipples. After the lashes across her breasts and her incredible desire, she felt like she was coming unglued.
    From her side vision she saw Mike’s cock was sheathed, too, and she went weak. He picked up the tube of sunscreen and squirted a handful of it in his palm.
    Den reached down and began probing the entrance to her pussy with his cock and Sirena’s vision blurred as she turned her total attention on him. In the next moment she felt Mike’s hand on her hip while he slipped two lubricated fingers into her ass.
    “Relax, wench,” Mike said as he guided his fingers in and out of her anus. “I’ve got something a whole lot bigger for you to enjoy.”
    “Are you ready?” Den said through gritted teeth.
    “Am I ever, mate.” Mike slipped his fingers out at the same time Den placed the head of his cock right at the entrance to her core. Mikes thick, lubricated erection nudged her ass and Sirena held her breath.
    “Fuck her, Mike!” Den shouted, and then both men rammed into her at once.
    Sirena screamed. From pleasure from pain, from every kind of feeling imaginable. So many sensations assaulted her at once. The feel of Den’s large cock filling her pussy, and then Mike inside her ass, his own large member stretching her beyond belief. The sensation of him sliding in and out of her was mixed—a burning feeling blended with the most intense pleasure one could imagine.
    She whimpered as both men fucked her at the same time. Nothing had prepared her for this feeling. Even when they’d both had their fingers inside her last night, even all that they had done to her body today—this was…beyond incredible. Beyond what she could have expected in her wildest, wildest dreams.
    “That’s it, baby.” Den slammed his hips up, burying himself deep within her. “Take us both, take all we can give you.”
    Mike reached around and tweaked her nipples, his large body snug against hers while he moved in and out. “Do you like it, wench? Do you like the feel of two cocks in you at the same time?”
    “Y-yes, Master.” Sirena was sobbing now. She couldn’t take it much longer. She was going to explode. “May I come now, Masters? Please!”
    “ No ,” they both said at the same time and she bit back a cry.
    “We’re going to fuck you hard, baby.” Den thrust up. “And you’re going to hold back until we’re ready. Isn’t that right?”
    Sirena bit her lip and nodded. She managed a “Yes, Master,” barely able to get the words out of her mouth.
    “This is part of your punishment,” he said as he drove into her. “You’ll receive your reward when we’re ready to give it to you.”
    The men fucked her mercilessly, until her body felt like it was one solid ball of fire. She was in the flames when she heard Den shout from somewhere in the inferno, “Come, Sirena. Right now.
    She screamed. She felt like she exploded to every corner of the island. Fire raged in her mind, around her, within her body. Both men continued to fuck her and she sobbed and begged them to stop, but they wouldn’t.
    Not until finally Mike shouted, his cock throbbing as he came in her ass, and Den groaned his own release, and she felt the pulsing of him within her pussy. Every throb, every pulse, made her body jerk, her orgasm continue on and on.
    When finally the men stopped moving inside her, and her orgasm continued to come in small bursts, she collapsed against Den’s chest, barely able to breathe. She was vaguely aware of Mike’s partial weight on top of her, the slickness of Den’s and Mike’s skin against hers and the rapid beating of their hearts, pulsing as one.
    And then the flames within her mind and her body faded, and she slipped into darkness.
    * * * * *
    Den held Sirena’s hand and led her into the ocean. She was wading deeper into the water

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