Cassandra Pierce - Diamonds in the Sand [The Aquans 2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Special Edition)

Cassandra Pierce - Diamonds in the Sand [The Aquans 2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Special Edition) by Cassandra Pierce

Book: Cassandra Pierce - Diamonds in the Sand [The Aquans 2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Special Edition) by Cassandra Pierce Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cassandra Pierce
to try and appease her anger. After a few hours of pouting in her room, she’d come down to dinner at their request. Normally, Cyra hadn’t planned to share a meal with that repulsively lovesick group, but it had been worth sitting through that insufferable dinner just to watch them all squirm. How childish humans could be!
    Yet the odd drama unfolding in front of her had made her consider her own human. She had no doubt that Alan would react as impulsively as Maura if he found out the truth about her, but then again, Cyra didn’t plan to reveal anything. She would enjoy herself with him until she tired of his human ways and then move on, offering him a reason only if she felt like it.
    She made her way through the underbrush to his cottage, which stood a few hundred yards from the edge of Septimus’s property. The bamboo shades were pulled, but a faint yellow light glowed from inside. Cyra paused on the front step, wondering whether she should knock or reject silly human manners and simply walk in when the door swung open. Alan appeared in the doorway, wearing a thin cotton robe, tied so loosely that she could see his erection pushing against the fabric and parting the folds slightly. In one hand, he held a drink that gave off the faint scent of dark rum.
    Cyra pursed her lips, tasting him already.
    “Come in,” Alan said, stepping aside to make room for her. He closed the door as soon as she was inside and leaned against it, looking her up and down. “I’m glad you came. Now take off your clothes.”
    Cyra raised her brows. “Aren’t you going to offer me some refreshment first?”
    “No.” Alan finished his drink in a single gulp, set the glass down on an end table with a bang, and pointed to a pile of body pillows in the corner. “Over there. Do as I say. You’ve kept me waiting long enough this evening, and I’m not in the mood for any further delays.”
    “Luckily for you, I was just thinking the same thing.” Strolling over to the pillows, Cyra pulled off and discarded her sundress. She lay on the pillows, opening her legs and stroking the fiery patch of curls between them. She saw his gaze sharpen and his lips part slightly. Then he followed her across the room.
    She expected he would shed his robe en route , but he merely stood over her and planted one bare foot on either side of her outstretched legs.
    “Now undress me,” he said.
    She blinked up at him, taken aback by his demanding tone. Such arrogance, she marveled, though she supposed it wasn’t unusual among humans. She would have to correct that later, but for now she decided to play along. Reaching up, she tugged at the hem of the robe until it opened all the way and slid down his shoulders. Alan’s single shrug sent it fluttering to the floor.
    His exposed cock bobbed in front of her face, thick and hard, the tip already dark with lust. “Now suck me,” he said. “Don’t get me off. Just bring me to the edge, so I’ll be ready to come the minute I shove it into your pussy.”
    “I thought you could use your tongue on me first,” she said, her own eyes narrowing. “Get me wet.”
    He laughed as though her suggestion were utterly absurd. “You heard me. If you expect me to fuck you tonight, you’re going to have to do what I say.” Gripping his cock, he angled it so that it hovered directly in front of her lips. “I think you’ll find, my dear, that the greatest pleasure is giving pleasure to someone else. I realize you may not be familiar with that concept right now, but I intend to change that.”
    Cyra sniffed. Frankly, she’d never heard anything so ridiculous. Still, he was tempting, and she’d waited all day to be with him. Saving her cutting retort for later, she leaned toward him and drew his cock in, sliding her tongue up and down the shaft and using her lips to put pressure around his base.
    “Yes…good…that’s wonderful.”Alan stroked his hands through her hair, tilting his own head back and lunging his hips

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