Callie's World
    This ebook contains extract from the ongoing
blog “Callie’s World” ( and focuses on
the fictional character, Callie, who is a twenty-three year old
journalist whose job involves meeting a variety of weird and
wonderful people. Her personal life isn’t that much different.
Callie updates her blog three times a week and if you enjoy this
book you can follow Callie and read her updates in real-world time.
It is written in a chick lit versus soap opera, chatty style in the
form of blog posts and the aim is for people to think of her as a
real person, with an interesting life. I hope you enjoy.
    Best Wishes,
    Anna Pescardot
    Callie’s World
    Hi there, I'm Callie. My real name is
Caroline but, no offence if you're called Caroline; I thought it
was a little bit old-fashioned for a young twenty-three year old
journalist like myself. My best friend, Erin suggested I call
myself Callie and it just stuck. I am looking forward to getting to
know you all. I have just started working at my local newspaper and
I have such a great job (I don't know why nobody else wanted it)
meeting all the weird and wonderful people who live in my local
area and interviewing them. I get to meet all sorts, like the man
who got locked in a coin-operated public toilet for a whole night.
Apparently he was banging on the door and screaming to be let out
but if anyone did hear him they didn't report it. I can't believe
that considering it is plonked right in the middle of a busy high
street. He was only rescued when a street cleaner heard him
singing-ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall. He told me he had
to change the words to three thousand bottles of beer on the wall
he was in there for that long. Anyway he was funny. I told him that
if I was going to be locked up anywhere I would be happy as long as
there was a toilet. Imagine if you were locked in a lift and needed
to pee? I think it's time I changed the subject, don't you?
    Let's talk about Erin. She phoned me up last
night having another mega trauma. Three weeks ago she moved back in
with her mum, leaving the boyfriend she'd lived with for four
years. When I asked her what he'd done to make her move out she
told me that she was having breakfast one morning and he came down
in his pyjamas and his belly was hanging over the waistband and
when he bent down to get the milk out of the fridge she could see a
bald patch at the back of his head that she hadn't noticed before.
Anyway her exact words to me were, "I just thought, Oh my god, I'm
living with a fat b****." (Insert your own word here.  Erin
swears like a trouper but children may read this.) When she first
met Adam he was quite nice looking actually. He had short brown
hair in a decent style and he had a friendly face. He wasn't skinny
but he wasn't fat either. She said that because she'd lived with
him for so long she hadn't noticed him putting on weight or losing
his hair so it was like a sudden bolt of lightening hit her and
made her see the light.
    I knew he'd put on weight. We all went to a
friend's wedding a few months ago and I thought then that he was
quite lardy but it's not nice to mention it to anyone, is it?
Anyway how shallow is she, eh? I mean, through no fault of his own
(apart from stuffing his face with three big Macs each day and
washing it down with eight pints of beer, that is) she decided to
move out when he's still the nice, friendly guy he was before, only
there's more of him (less hair, though). I told her I thought she
was shallow and a total cow but she told me that once the chemistry
goes, she goes too. Anyway, it turns out that now she's back living
with her mum that she is constantly arguing with her younger
sister, Amy.  She wanted to borrow my hair straighteners
because Amy had borrowed hers and accidently broken them. How she
did that I have no idea, but Erin was having a bad hair night,
which would turn into a bad hair day today unless I lent mine

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