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her.  So I had to trawl half way across town and my car got a
flat tyre and I was bursting for the toilet and the only toilet
around was the one that man got locked in. Sod's law, eh? I didn't
use it. I had to phone my mum in the end. At least my car broke
down after I'd given Erin my straighteners. I don't need any more
earache from her.
    I'm going to end here. I'm looking forward to
telling you all about my next assignment. This afternoon, I'm going
to see a man who has found an image of Jesus Christ in his piece of
toast. Should be exciting. I'll tell you all about it on
    Callie signing off,
    So I went to see the miracle toast and I was
so disappointed. I don't know what I was expecting really (I'm an
optimist) but it had to be better than a childish outline drawn
with a knife. You could see the holes where the knife had gone
through the bread, and it looked more like Cheryl Cole than Jesus.
I humoured the guy anyway and took some photos of it; mainly so I
could prove to my boss that I'd been to see him and how amateurish
the whole thing was. It wasn't the man's fault, bless him. He
wasn't all there you see. Anyway, when I got back to my desk I was
hoping to have a nice quiet afternoon catching up on my admin, but
my boss called me into his office and started going mad at me,
telling me I couldn’t run the Jesus toast story now that it was
obviously a hoax. He said it would make it seem as though the
newspaper was laughing at people who weren't the full shilling. So
instead of having a nice day sat in the office I had to go out and
find something else to fill my column for next week.( Luckily Erin
knows a girl who claims to be able to win a tenner on the lottery
every week. I'm going to see her tomorrow.)
    I mean what does he expect when the name of
my column is "Callie's World - Home of the weird and wonderful"This
name in itself attracts weirdos, doesn't it? And to top it all,
just as I was about to leave the office I got a phone call from PC
Ainsworth. I met him when I covered the "man trapped in toilet"
incident, and to be honest I didn't really get a good look at him,
but he was phoning to ask me out for dinner tomorrow night. I said
yes, but I've got this horrible feeling that he might be ugly.
Don't worry I'm not as shallow as Erin, but I really can't remember
him. I knew he was young, but that was as far as it went. I don't
even know his first name.  I thought about joining the police
myself but when I realized you had to use your surname a lot I
changed my mind. That's why I love my job.  I'm just Callie;
like Madonna is just Madonna. My surname is embarrassing and I am
going to keep it under wraps for as long as I can, lol. Anyway, I
said yes to PC Ainsworth because I was so stressed with the toast
thing and now I'm starting to regret it. I told Erin and she said
that she would call me during the date and if things weren't
working out then I could pretend she was calling about an emergency
and then I'd be able to leave. As if he'd fall for that one - it's
the oldest trick in the book and he's a copper; nothing will get
past him. He'll be able to find out everything about me. He might
even find out about the time I got arrested for drunken disorderly
at an ex-boyfriend's birthday party. Oh, why are things always so
complicated in my life. My sister's coming over at the weekend too.
She moved to Las Vegas when she went there on holiday, fell for a
waiter and married him. She's still with him eight months later but
I think she's getting a bit fed up now that the novelty's worn off.
She's a walking disaster zone and I don't think it will be a good
idea for me to be dating a policeman with her hanging around in the
background. I'll tell you more about her another time. I'm going to
go now but I will tell you all about lottery girl and my date with
PC Ainsworth on Friday.
    Until next time,
    Callie signing off
    I am so glad it's Friday. I don't know what's

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