Caden's Dilemma (Indiscreet #6)

Caden's Dilemma (Indiscreet #6) by A.C. Katt

Book: Caden's Dilemma (Indiscreet #6) by A.C. Katt Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.C. Katt
hour. Caden heard some shouts but it seemed things had calmed down.
    “Come in,” Reed shouted at the door.
    Caden turned the handle and walked into the office. Jim looked as if he just ran a four minute mile and Reed looked exasperated. “I need to talk to you about the physical security of the club.”
    “Sit down and go ahead.” Reed looked at Jim. Jim didn’t move.
    “What?” Jim asked. “I own a piece of this place you know. I’m interested.” Reed rolled his eyes.
    “There are several places on the premises that need cameras besides the Dungeons,” Caden said. “There are also a few exit doors that need to have cameras and alarms. You need to build an outside shack for the bouncers that work as parking attendants. Right now they sneak into the kitchen until they hear a car coming. That provides us with zero security. If they had a little kiosk that was warm in the winter and cool in the summer, they would stay outside. Also, you need to set aside a place outside for your employees to smoke. No enclosure, just an area with ashtrays and a few concrete benches. Right now they’re trying to smoke by propping open one of the exit doors. Anyone could get in, that has to stop. The bouncers will need a room to monitor the cameras, too.”
    Reed sighed. “Did you run the numbers?”
    “Yeah, about seventy five thousand, a hundred and fifty if you want to make us snoop proof.” Caden gave him a folder. “I worked up the proposal up this morning.
    “You’ve been busy. I’ll look at it today. How did your scene go last night?” Reed asked.
    “Very well, thank you. I’m seeing him again on Wednesday. He pushes all of my buttons.” Caden smiled, thinking about Masato.
    “Masato came to tea with the rest of the subs at my house this morning. He really likes you. But he has a few problems and he needs help badly,” Jim said, looking rather sad.
    “He could ask me,” Caden said.
    “He isn’t sure you’ll take it the right way.” Jim told him. “But I can’t say anymore without his permission.”
    “Do you have his phone number?” Caden asked
    “Yeah, but I can’t give it out unless he says I can.”
    Caden tried the rest of the afternoon and into the evening to wheedle Masato’s phone number from Jim. Jim just smiled. Caden didn’t get the number.

    Caden wasn’t a clock watcher but today the day crept by. It wasn’t as if he had no work to do. He had a meeting with the first of the three security firms and had them checking out five new applicants for sub positions. With the six new subs introduced last Friday, if these guys passed the background check from all three agencies he was good as gold on subs.
    Caden bought a burner phone. He could pre-screen the applicants with the burner phone and not have it traced back to Indiscreet. He placed advertisements for bouncers in all the places Indiscreet usually used and he came up with a few new places to try; some of the base papers in Lakehurst and Fort Dix. He placed a discreet ad for bouncers for a private club for gentlemen only. He put a phone number on the ad, no address or name.
    He looked over the plans for the new addition and figured out where the additional security was needed. He looked up and it felt like it should be the end of the day, but it was only noon. He walked down the hall to see if Bull wanted lunch.
    “Hey, I’m going to grab some lunch downstairs, do you want to come?” Caden asked, leaning on Bull’s door.
    “Sure, I hear the unholy quintet has become a sextet.”
    Caden frowned. “I haven’t offered him a contract yet, if that’s what you mean. We’ve only played once.”
    Bull gave him an evil smile. “If the subs are already involved, you will. You’ll go down fighting, but you will go down.” They walked down the hall to the stairs that led to the kitchen. “We’ll order our meals and eat in the dining room. I’ll bet Reed is already in there.”
    They gave their order to the

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