Broken #4 (The Broken Series - Book #4)

Broken #4 (The Broken Series - Book #4) by Claire Adams

Book: Broken #4 (The Broken Series - Book #4) by Claire Adams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Claire Adams
Claire Adams

book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are
products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not
to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual
events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

© 2014 Claire Adams

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woke up and recognized immediately that I was not in my own bed―that I
was in fact in Jet's bed. This time, however, there was no fuzziness, no
hangover clouding my thoughts. I woke up feeling refreshed, and my body hummed.
It had been pleased a great deal the night before, and I could still feel Jet's
touch all over my body. I was a little sore as well from the sex, but it was
certainly the kind of sore I didn't mind having. I was actually glad to be
there in bed with him. Usually I would have been slinking off in the early
morning hours, but I didn't feel the need to do that at all. It probably had a
lot to do with the fact that I normally ended up there drunk and waking up hung
over, and filled with shame.
looked over to watch Jet sleeping and realized that something had changed that
night. Something had shifted between us. I wished that I knew if it was good
for me or not, this shift. I smiled as I remembered the night before, when Jet
had pulled me in to kiss him at the bar. His kisses were so hot and powerful
they stole my breath instantly. I warmed up just thinking about them. We shared
a powerful connection that ignited those kisses in the most delicious way.
must have wanted to climb the walls when she saw him kiss me. She had been dry
humping him when I walked into the bar, and thought she had her claws into him.
I noticed her watching us when he came over to talk to me, and she paced the
floor talking to Kyle the whole time. So by the looks of things she was pretty
upset that he stopped dancing with her to come to my aid. So imagine what she
must have felt like seeing Jet pull me in for a kiss, and it didn’t end as a
simple kiss; we had full on made out at the bar. It was one of the hottest moments
of my life, no question about it.
felt bad for Katie. It wasn’t like she had done anything wrong to me, and I
certainly had nothing against the girl, but it was clear she wanted Jet for
herself. And since I hadn't snapped him up, he was essentially far game, so I
couldn't really blame her for wanting to grab him while he was still available.
She must have thought I was crazy for not having done it sooner.
chest rose and fell as I watched him, and I wondered if I had been stupid for
not snapping him up immediately. Why did I have to be so scared all the time?
Scared of being hurt, scared of having the past repeat itself.
then there was Julie―a whole separate issue I would have to deal with. I
smiled as I shook my head. Imagine siccing Jet onto
me to avoid a drunken night, and then disappearing. I hadn't been sure if she
had bailed on me or if she was just in the bathroom, but sure enough she had
left me there with Jet. So what had her game plan been? Did she think that Jet
would make me forget all about Tom? Had he?
checked my phone and realized it was time to get up and go to school. I had
photography class, and the teacher was not a fan of tardiness. I rolled out of
bed, went in search of my panties and found them inside my jeans. I slid into
both of them and started buttoning my jeans. I found my dress top and my bra,
as well. I snapped my bra into place as Jet roused from sleep. He rubbed at

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