Blind Promises
way, you melt against me. Professional compassion? No, Dana, it isn’t that. Now is it?”
    She swallowed, her lips parting. “It’s…infatuation,” she whispered. “You’re so alien from any man I’ve ever known, and I know nothing of men. Is it surprising?”
    He shook his head. “Not at all, but I’m going to take shameless advantage of it. Marry me, Dana. I can’t promise you undying love, but I’ll take care of you; I’ll be good to you. And all you have to do in return is lead me around and keep me from blowing out my brains….”
    “Stop it!” She pressed her hand frantically against his warm, hard lips and trembled when they pressed back into its palm.
    “Would you care that much?” he laughed. “You don’t even want my money, do you, little one? That in itself makes you an oddity in my world. Take a chance, Dana-say yes. I’ll make it good for you, in every way there is.”
    She wanted to. She needed to. But it wasn’t possible, and she knew that too.
    Blind Promises
    Diana Palmer
    “I can’t,” she whispered miserably.
    He stiffened. “Why not?”
    “Because there’s every possibility that someday you’ll regain your sight-the doctor told you as much-and what if you did and found yourself tied to someone like me?” she ground out. “You’d be ashamed-“
    He stopped the tirade with his lips. She went taut under the hard, demanding pressure, feeling something unleashed in him that had been carefully controlled up until now. She pushed against his broad chest, but he wouldn’t relent, not an inch.
    “Ashamed of you?” he growled at her lips. “Never! Now, stop talking nonsense and kiss me back. We’re going to be husband and wife, so you’d better learn to like this with me. We’re going to do quite a lot of it through the years ahead. Come on, don’t turn away. Kiss me.”
    “I won’t marry you, I won’t,” she protested.
    “Then we’ll be engaged until I can make you change your mind,” he murmured, brushing his lips maddeningly over hers, feeling the helpless trembling of her mouth at the newness of the caress. His hands dropped to her waist and brought her gently against him. “Just engaged,” he whispered. “All right, butterfly? I won’t even rush you to the altar. Just agree to that much and I’ll stop talking about leaping onto the rocks….”
    She shuddered at the thought of his body bruised and broken by those huge boulders. “Gannon…”
    “Say yes,” he whispered. His mouth bit at hers-warm, slow kisses that drugged her, that drained her of protest.
    She reached up to hold his warm face between her hands, giving in to a pleasure she’d never known. “I shouldn’t,” she told him.
    “But you’re going to,” he murmured, smiling. “Sweet little mouth, it tastes of honey, did you know? Now, stop talking and kiss me better. I’ve had a terrible morning. Make it better for me, can’t you?”
    She wanted to say no, she wanted to ignore the proposal, she wanted to run. But she heard her own breathless voice agreeing with him, felt her body lifting against the crush of his arms, felt herself go under in a maze of sweet magic as he kissed her long and tenderly. And then Lorraine was suddenly in the room, offering congratulations, and it was too late to protest, to take it back. Before she could open her mouth to deny it, she was drinking champagne as Gannon van der Vere’s new fiancee.
    Diana Palmer

Chapter Seven
    Once Gannon decided to come out of his shell and cope with the reality of his blindness, he seemed to change overnight. He called in one of his computer experts and they locked themselves away in his study for the better part of a day. When the caller left, Gannon was grinning from ear to ear.
    “I’d love to know what’s going on,” Dana ventured as she joined him, closing the door gently behind her.
    “Progress,” he said. He lifted his head. “Where are you? Come here.”
    She went to

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