Becoming a Lady

Becoming a Lady by Adaline Raine

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Authors: Adaline Raine
explanation before she received her punishment.
    “ I told you specifically not to leave the chambers.  I posted guards’ outside-”
    Lord William gave pause in the journey back up their chambers.  “Wait, just a moment, who was guarding your door today?”  He grabbed her chin and forced it up to meet his eyes when she did not give a reply.  “Who was guarding your door?”
    “ Your guard had a trick played on him; please My Lord, do not be angry with him.”  Anna gave a cry of alarm as he set her firmly on her feet and bent to her level.
    “ Of the things that you are, trickery is not in your arsenal.  I want the guard’s name and the name of whomever assisted you and I want that information now.”  Lord William was patient but not today.
    “ She was trying to help me!”  Anna gave another cry.  The situation was deteriorating rapidly.
    Lord William had a wave of shock overtake his face before running his hand through his hair.  “Lynna?  You expect me to believe that your little maid devised a plan to trick my guard into leaving his post?  Anna gave no reply. 
    “ I want the name of the guard now.”
    Anna did not want Sir Talon to get into any trouble, as truly Lynna had caused such a scene.  “It was Sir Talon, but please, My Lord - “
    “ Sir Talon?  He is my second-in-command!”  Lord William shook his head and gave a pull on his beard.  “What of the outfit you stole?”
    “ I only borrowed it, My Lord, I do so intend - ”
    “ I do not want to hear your intentions!”  Lord William’s tone was beginning to turn nasty.  He took her arm, and began to pull her up the hallway.  “You deliberately disobeyed my direct order to you.  Do you not understand how much I have risked in keeping you safe?”  He gave a sound that sounded like a snort.  “Perhaps I was foolish to think that a wench like you could be a lady.”
    “ You do not mean that!”  Anna began to cry hard.  “Please, My Lord!  I will prove I can be a lady!  Please do not say such a thing!”  She threw herself at his feet.
    “ Then you will accept the punishment I give to you.  After that, you shall work hard in the kitchen until I see an improvement in your behavior, but first we are going to visit your maid.”  Lord William gave a tug on her arm and they were on their way again.
    “ Oh!  Please, do not get rid of Lynna.  She has been ever so kind to me!”  Anna was sobbing now.  She loved her maid as dearly as she did her sister. 
    Lord William let go of her arm and tapped once upon the servant ’s quarters.  He stepped inside and quickly returned holding the arm of Lynna.  Her blue eyes were wide in fear as she took in the sight of Anna in a man’s uniform.
    “ I did not tell her to do such a thing!”  Lynna gave a cry of protest and she began to click her tongue at Anna.
    “ What made Sir Talon leave his post?”  He had each woman by the arm and was leading them towards his chambers.
    “ It was my idea, My Lord, please . . . .” Anna began again. 
    “ Shhh, Miss, you did not know until I was standing there at your door.”  Lynna was shooting looks to her and pleading with her eyes.
    “ How the idea came about is no longer of importance.  I want to know what happened and I want to know right now.”  Lord William brought both women inside the chambers as he had promised earlier.
    “I told Sir Talon that the cook had gone mad, My Lord, but I did not intend this,” Lynna began to sob.
    Lord William released his hold on the two and barred the door.  “What possessed you to do so?”
    “ I only know that miss wanted a chance to plead for her father’s life.  I did not mean any disrespect you, My Lord.” 
    “ Did you know that I specifically sent Sir Talon to stand guard so that Anna would not attempt to involve herself with her father’s trial?”  Lord William crossed his arms in front of him.
    Lynna let out a small cry.  “Yes, My Lord.”
    “ Those beasts

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