Becoming a Lady

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Authors: Adaline Raine
tingle, but today, with the events that had occurred, Anna felt lightheaded as he straightened.  She nodded to him and squeezed Lynna’s hand.
    Lord William brought down the hand that held the belt.  Lynna cried out and hissed as it seared her bottom.  Anna continued to hold her hand.  He brought it down several more times while Anna kissed Lynna’s head and offered comfort.  She knew that Lynna was being punished because of her direct disobedience. 
    Lynna finally screamed out.  “My Lord, I am so very sorry!”
    Lord William landed one more stripe upon each cheek before fastening the belt back around his waist.  “I can see that.”
    Anna moved her hair away from her face and looked up at Lord William.
    “Fix her skirt.”
    Anna nodded as she adjusted Lynna’s skirts as directed.  The woman’s bottom was flaming red now and covered in welts. 
    “ Can you stand?”
    “ Na-no, My Lord, I cannot.”  Lynna was adjusted so that she was upright again.
    Lord William took her into his arms and shot a look at Anna.  “I will be right back.”  He threw a glance about the room.  “You had better be in this spot when I return.”
    Anna nodded and watched as he handed Lynna a cloth.  He walked out and Anna immediately felt a knot in her stomach.  Though Lynna had given her the chance to sneak out, it was she who had actually accomplished it.  She remained on the chaise and tried to calm her nerves.  She had just started to calm when the door opened and Lord William reentered.  Anna took a breath as he strode over to her.
    “I appreciate what your maid did for you.  She was punished for disobeying my orders, not for helping you.”
    Anna nodded as he reached the chaise.
    “Stand up and take off your clothes.”
    Anna pulled the tabard over her head and took a breath.  She really should have considered the outcome before now.  “May I have permission to tell you what happened first, My Lord?”
    “ It will not change the punishment you are about to endure.”  He motioned with his hands.  “Take off all of your clothes, now.”
    Anna nodded and pulled off the uniform.  “I understand that you granted Lynna a favor.  I will not forget that, My Lord.”
    Lord William removed his belt and sat down on the chaise.  “That is not the only thing you will not forget.”  He patted his thigh.  “Get over my knee.”
    Anna bit her lip.  She was completely naked and exposed, which was bad enough, but to go over his lap in such a state?  She took a breath and did as he commanded.  “Please be gentle.”
    “ I have been extremely patient with you.  I do not expect to ever have to punish you so severely again.”  He rested one hand on the small of her back.
    Anna curled her toes at his words.  “I am so very sorry.”
    “ I am about to believe you.”  Lord William began smacking her bottom and the very tops of her thighs with his hand.  He was not striking harder than any other spanking but Anna found herself crying already.  Since she had sneaked out, but not followed through with her original plan, what had the point been?  Lord William increased the speed and Anna began to cry out.  After several minutes he stopped.
    Anna sniffled and wiped her tears.  She knew that the belt was about to come next.  She took a few deep breaths.  “Do you no longer wish for me to become your wife?”  She was immediately righted.
    “ If I revoked my proposal, you would not be in such a position right now.”
    Anna wiped at her tears.  “I do not understand.”
    “ If I no longer wished for you to be my wife, I would have cast you out of the village.  I certainly would not take the time to discipline you and your maid.”
    Anna nodded.  “I am sorry for asking such a question.”
    Lord William moved her back over his lap.  “I am not going to stop until I feel that you have learned your lesson.  Do I make myself clear?”
    Anna sucked in a breath.  She knew that he was in control of the

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