Beautiful Entourage

Beautiful Entourage by E. L. Todd

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Authors: E. L. Todd
paid enough for this shit.”
    “Half a million a year isn’t a salary to bitch about.”
    He stared at me with an angry look. “The guy went straight for the money maker.” He pointed at his face.
    “There are plenty of plastic surgeons in the city.”
    “I’m all natural, bitch. Maybe you should get some fake tits.”
    I laughed, loving how mad he was getting.
    “Are you escorting this girl again?”
    “Yeah. She’s trying to take over a company from her father but he wants her to have a serious boyfriend.”
    He rubbed his chin. “That’s weird.”
    I shrugged. “The guy was a total dick so it doesn’t surprise me.”
    “Did he like you?”
    “He showed me more love in twenty minutes than he showed his daughter her entire life.” It worked me up when I thought about it.
    “So, she has daddy issues?” He smirked like he had a plan on his mind.
    “We can’t date women we escort. You know that.”
    “Well, if she’s that hot and cool, then that’s a different ball park. Secondly, I’m not escorting her. You are . So, she’s fair game.”
    I knew he was joking so I didn’t rise. “You couldn’t get her.”
    “You bet your ass I could.”
    “She said she isn’t dating right now. I can tell she’s picky about the men she spends time with. There’s no way she’d pick you.”
    “All I’d have to do is turn on the charm and she’d melt right in my hand.”
    I shook my head. “She’s out of your league, man.”
    “No one is out of my league, dude.”
    “Well, this girl is.”
    “Now I have to see this chick. Get me a picture.”
    “No,” I snapped. “I’m not going to take a picture of her like a creeper.”
    “Do it when she doesn’t know. Set up a camera in her apartment.”
    I gave him a look I’d been giving him since we were kids. “You want me to break the law and get thrown in jail?”
    “Hey, some girls are worth going to jail for.”
    “I’m done talking to you.” I turned away.
    “Wait.” He grabbed my arm. “Does she have a big mouth?”
    I gave him a confused look. “Why?”
    “Girls with big mouths give great head.”
    I rolled my eyes but laughed at the same time. “You’re going to hell.”
    “And you’re coming with me.”

    The hours passed quickly since I had so many things to do at the office. My assistant informed me I had a meeting with investors in an hour, and on top of that, I had a pile of paperwork on my desk.
    As busy as I was, I kept thinking about my night with Rhett. If he weren’t there, that evening would have been unbearable. He lightened the mood and didn’t make me feel alone. Most of the time, John just made me feel worse.
    What did I ever see in him?
    When the fundraiser ended and we got out of there, the night really picked up. Getting ice cream and playing Battleship was fun. We had a lot of laughs and had a great time. Spending the evening with a beautiful man who had a great personality was worth every cent. Even though we just met, I felt like I’d known him forever. He reminded me of a Disney prince, which made me wonder if he was real from time to time.
    The fact my father liked him was a great relief. Now he would get off my back about John and my good image would be restored. My dad wouldn’t talk about it anymore and the scandal would remain in the past, where it belonged. While my dad still didn’t value any contribution I made to the company, at least he didn’t look at me like I was something stuck on the bottom of his shoe.
    My assistant spoke over the intercom. “Mr. Lane would like to see you, miss.”
    “Thank you, Jane.” I sighed then rubbed my temple. My dad played golf in his office and acted as a figurehead while I worked my ass off. I was the real worker behind the company. Why couldn’t he walk down here and speak to me? Why did he have to call for me like I was a dog? I took a deep breath and let the emotion pass. I’d become a master at controlling my emotions, thanks to the abuse of my

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