Beautiful Entourage

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Authors: E. L. Todd
you,” I said. “I appreciate it.”
    She hung up.
    I got back to work, and half an hour later, my cell phone rang. “Hello?”
    “Rhett is able to accommodate you. Just let me know the details when you have them.”
    I was surprised it actually worked out. “I will. Thank you.” I hung up. Wow, I got lucky. I assumed Rhett already had another date to fulfill, and if not a date, he didn’t want to pick up an extra shift, so to speak.
    My phone rang again but it was a number I didn’t recognize. I decided to answer it, curious whom the number belonged to. “Hello?”
    My lips stretched from ear to ear. His voice was deep and smooth, and it contained a hint of amusement. His face came into my mind, and I imagined that smile I was so fond of and his bright eyes. “Miss.”
    “I always miss,” he said with a laugh.
    I loved listening to the sound of his voice. I’d pay big money just to have his voice on a CD that I could play over and over, as stalker-ish as that made me sound. “This is a nice surprise. I thought I wasn’t supposed to have your phone number?”
    “It’s okay to break the rules once in a while,” he said. “And you don’t strike me as the crazy type so I think we’re good. Besides, Danielle can be a real mood killer.”
    I laughed into the phone. “She just cares about you.”
    “A little too much,” he said. “She’s the mother hen of our company. I’ve seen her pull a chunk of some girl’s hair right out of her scalp, and then slap her hard across the face.”
    “Don’t mess with her. If you need me for something like this, just call me.”
    “Won’t she be upset you gave me your number?”
    He paused for a while. “It’s my decision, not hers. So, your father wants to go golfing, huh?”
    “I’m so sorry…”
    “Hey, it’s what you’re paying me to do. And he’s not that bad…to me at least.”
    “It’s going to be so boring and all he’ll talk about is cars and money…” I rolled my eyes just thinking about it. “You’ll fall right asleep.”
    “How about you come along and keep me company?”
    “My father didn’t invite me.”
    “Who cares?” he said. “Tell him I invited you. Do you know how to golf?”
    “Damn straight, I know how to golf.”
    He chuckled into the phone. “Feisty…I like it. So, come with us then. We’ll get ice cream afterwards.”
    “Are you trying to make me fat?” I said in a teasing way.
    “Like you could ever get fat,” he countered. “You weigh what? A hundred and fifteen pounds?”
    “One twenty, thank you very much.” I was surprised he guessed my weight so well.
    “My apologies,” he said with a laugh.
    “And that can change with enough sundaes.”
    “I’ll believe it when I see it,” he said. “So, when am I golfing?”
    “Two hours. Can you make it?”
    “I’ll be there. Should I meet at the office or the country club?”
    “Meet here,” I said. “Let me know when you’re in the lobby and I’ll retrieve you. The building is a little confusing.”
    “Will do. See you then.”
    “Wait,” I said.
    “Yeah?” he asked.
    “Thanks for doing this. I’m sure you have a million other things you’d rather be doing.”
    His voice came out quiet. “Actually, I’d rather help you.”
    Rhett was standing in the lobby wearing dark brown slacks with a black polo. Even in golf clothes, he was eye-catching. His shoulders were broad and noticeable, and the tightness of his shirt outlined his powerful chest and slender waist. His pants hung low on his hips and a belt was woven through the loops. I stared at him for a second, forgetting why I was there to begin with.
    “Nice lobby,” he said. He put his hands in his pockets and examined the tile floor and expansive counter where the receptionist stood.
    I suspected he looked away because my obvious gawking made him uncomfortable. I needed to learn to hide my attraction to him better. “The elevator is

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