Assure Her (Assured Distraction Book 1)

Assure Her (Assured Distraction Book 1) by Thia Finn

Book: Assure Her (Assured Distraction Book 1) by Thia Finn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Thia Finn
coming in the bus. She imagined all sorts of games and movies would entertain the group or maybe there was a satellite system on the bus that would provide them with some TV options. Chandler prayed that porn wasn’t going to be the norm but with these guys, who knew. She was staring blankly at the black screen when Carter and Gunner climbed up the steps.
    “Well, look who we have here, Carter. Chan all to ourselves for a change.” Gunner cocked up an eyebrow then cracked up laughing. He seemed pretty harmless to Chandler until he gave her that leering look.
    “Don’t be an asshole before we even get on the road. You’ll scare the shit out her, and she’ll be running away the first chance she gets.” Carter gave her a brief smile before heading to the back of the bus.
    “Remember, Chan, you can run but you can’t hide. The bus is too small for playing hide-and-seek. We could try if you want. I’ll be glad to hide you.”
    “Dude, you’re such a perv. Leave her alone,” Carter yelled to him from the back while deciding where to store his belongings. “Did you choose a spot already, Chan?”
    “Yes, I took one of the bottom ones. Hope y’all don’t mind,” she asked tentatively.
    “Why sure, Cupcake,” Gunner leaned down and winked at her. “You can sleep wherever you want. I’m sure any of us would even be happy to share our bunk if you’re in need of cuddling or get cold or whatever.” This time he waggled his eyebrows at her. It was hard to take him seriously because he was so damn cute. Chandler couldn’t help herself when she laughed out loud in his face.
    “You are really a funny guy, Gunner. Do you plan to use those kinds of lines to get girls to come back to the bus with you, because if they have half a brain it’s not going to happen?” Carter laughed so hard at Chandler’s retort that put Gunner in his place that he was gasping for air.
    “Oh man! I love this girl already. She fucking cut you off at the knees, bro. Guess you’ll think twice about being a prick to her again, at least for a while.” Carter held up his hand to fist bump Chandler, and it only took a second for her to realize what he was doing and respond.
    Gunner shook his head, looking deeply hurt. “You bruise me deeply, Cupcake. Here I was, thinking we were going to be spending some quality time getting to know each other.” He gave her a mock pout and then he smiled. “I see now how it’s gonna be between us though.”
    Chandler said a little prayer to herself about scoring some points with at least two of the members. She hoped she would win them all over before the trip ended for her.

Chapter Nine
    T he hot Texas sun had already reached scorching temperatures by the time everyone assembled in the parking lot ready to leave. Cash would be riding with them today so he had been there first that morning, too. Chandler wondered if the guy ever slept.
    KeeMac greeted her like the rest of the band, and she was glad he didn’t try to make it awkward for her. Krissy and Ryan were the last to arrive and couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other since she wouldn’t see him for at least a few weeks. Chandler was sad for both of them even though she had never been in love like they appeared to be.
    “I’ll see you in no time at all, Kitten,” Ryan told her quietly at the bus door.
    “I know, it’s just that you’ll be out there without me. I know what the groupies for Frission are like. I hate that they’ll always be around to tempt you. I hope this is the last time y’all go on tour for a while, Ryan.”
    “Krissy, you know I would never touch those skanks. You’ve seen what they look like and besides you should trust me more than that.” He looked at her disappointedly. There was no way he would address the tour comment now. They’d been down this road already.
    “I know. It’s just a lot of temptation knowing they will be everywhere y’all stop. Those girls are willing to

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