Ares: (Gods of Old Book 1)

Ares: (Gods of Old Book 1) by April Zyon

Book: Ares: (Gods of Old Book 1) by April Zyon Read Free Book Online
Authors: April Zyon
understand it, at all. All she knew was that she needed him in her life. She needed him more than he could ever possibly need her.
    He lowered his head and kissed her gently. “We’ll figure it out, Ava, I promise. One step at a time; together, we’ll figure out what this all means for us.” Gathering her closer he pressed a kiss to the top of her head and just held her tight.
    She nodded and hugged him once more. “I know we will. Somehow and someway we will work this out. We care for each other, so quickly but really and truly.” Even if it was very fast. She cared for him, deeply.
    “I know it’s fast, babe, but it feels right.” He stepped back a little and rubbed his hands up and down her arms. “Do you want something to eat, or would you prefer just going up to the bedroom? I know my own personal preference, but I also know you didn’t eat a lot at lunch.”
    She smiled, she couldn’t help herself. “I think that the bedroom would be wonderful. I’m sure that you can provide sustenance there if I need it, right?” she asked softly.
    “Of course,” he said with a smile. A moment later they were in the bedroom. “Now that we are here, what would you like to do?” His tongue slid over his lips slowly, and the look in his eyes held plenty of suggestions.
    “I would like for us both to be naked,” she told him softly. “On the bed. I would like for us both to be naked and in the bed with the bedding pulled fully back. That’s what I want, sweetheart. Will you do that for us, for me?” She wanted to touch him, needed to touch him. She wanted to have him touching and feeling her as well.
    Nodding he smiled slowly, “That I can do.” Leaning in he pressed a kiss to her lips. A split second later they were on the bed, the covers and most of the pillows gone. Ares was leaning over her naked body but not fully covering her. “Is this what you had in mind?”
    “This is very much what I had in mind.” Ava’s leg lifted and wrapped around his hip to pull him closer. “I happen to really, really enjoy this part. The feeling of your skin against mine, the way that you touch me, the way that you look at me. It’s totally good.” And she wanted more. Needed more.
    “Oh, darling, I haven’t even begun to touch you yet,” he said. Lifting a hand, Ares stroked a very gentle finger over her temple, down her cheek, across her lips and then slowly, oh so slowly, down her throat. He paid attention to her collarbone and then skimmed between her breasts to her belly. “You have the softest skin, so smooth and tempting.”
    “Moisturizer,” she panted. “Lots and lots of moisturizers,” she was whimpering now when he touched her. “And you, you are so hard all over. You are so, everything. I could lose myself in you,” she whispered. “And I want you to be able to lose yourself in me as well.”
    “Oh, I’m definitely losing something with you, darling. My sanity and train of thought, my will to resist just diving in and gorging on you. Even my need to go slow with you, to memorize everything. But then again, the little brain is trying for control and he’s just so single-minded.” His finger was down on her thigh and sliding lower. Then, about mid-calf, he started back up the inside of her leg and ever closer to her pussy.
    “Oh, I’m totally down with losing it with each other. You have the rest of my life to memorize me, honey; but right now, I think fast and furious would be wonderful. It would be perfect point in fact.” She had never been much on patience; that much was clear to him.
    “Nope, first times should be enjoyed, savored, remembered with heat and passion, want and need.” Ares lifted his eyes to meet hers and smiled, “I’m not rushing anything, woman. No matter what you do or say, we are both going to go slow and be very, very patient.”
    “Well one of us will,” she teased with a grin. “I’ve never been very patient when it comes to something that I want, and you-”

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