Ares: (Gods of Old Book 1)

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Book: Ares: (Gods of Old Book 1) by April Zyon Read Free Book Online
Authors: April Zyon
She shook her head and licked her lips. “You I want like nothing I’ve ever wanted before.”
    “Good thing I’m bigger and have a bunch of powers at my disposal, isn’t it?” He was grinning now, a hint of a dimple in his cheek peeking out. Then it was gone as he dipped his head to brush kisses to her belly slowly, his tongue flicking out on occasion.
    Ava lifted up slightly and bit her lip. For a moment all thoughts fled her mind; for a moment, she could only feel. “You have dimples.” Finally! That's what her mind had latched onto. If she was going to have to go slow, then she wanted to know every single inch of his body as well.
    “So I’ve been told,” he said between swipes of his tongue over her flesh. He was getting closer to her breasts, his hair brushing her tight nipples ever so slightly. “But since I rarely smile it’s not exactly well known. Most people think that those who claim to have seen them are on drugs or something of the sort.”
    “Nope, not on drugs,” she whimpered. “Just on some seriously heavy feelings for a particular God,” she moaned. “Goodness, you feel so very, very freaking good. Please, touch me there again? Your mouth this time, not your hair.”
    “Where?” he lifted his head just a little. His breath moving over her nipples slowly. He smiled again, slowly. “Here?” he asked flicking his tongue out. The tip just grazed the tip of her nipple before he withdrew. “Or maybe somewhere else?”
    Her entire body shook. Fisting the sheets in her hands, she arched up a bit. “There, again. Teeth too.” Demanding much? “And more. Lower, much lower.” She moaned. He would see that her eyes were closed, her head tossing side to side as desperation flooded her system.
    Chuckling softly, he moved up to her breasts. His tongue slid over the curve of her flesh and around the tight nipple. Then her flesh was sucked deep into his mouth, his teeth scraping slowly over her flesh. His hand had slipped up her thigh a bit more, his knuckles just teasing her.
    “Ares,” she moaned his name, her back arched and every fiber of her being desperate and desiring more. “Please,” she begged him. “I need-” She needed him. She was about to explode in her need for him; her desire for him.
    “What do you need, Ava?” he whispered over her damp breast. “This maybe?” he bit her breast lightly before sliding his tongue over the mark to soothe it. “Or perhaps this?” A finger slid into her pussy without warning; just a digit deep inside of her and right on her G-spot.
    “YES!” Her scream came unbidden and sudden from her throat. She was on fire beneath him. “Please,” she whimpered. “More.” Her legs parted wider for him; his touches becoming more and more intimate as he moved over her body.
    “So responsive,” he chuckled, the breath moving over her skin. Wait, he was going lower? What was he... Oh! His mouth was on her clit, his tongue toying with the tight bud. He’d added a second finger to her pussy, and began moving the two digits quickly.
    Her breathing came in such fast and rapid gasps that she soon began to feel a little lightheaded. “Ares. Yes, there.” She was about to come again, his expert touch, the feeling of simply being with him. All of it. It was all too much and was sending her right over that edge once more.
    “There’s my girl,” he whispered when she’d collapsed again. Her breathing was ragged, and she was pretty sure her heart was about to jump out of her chest. But it did stutter when he moved over her; all lithe and powerful muscle. The look on his face promised a lot more to come. God, would she survive anymore? “You’ll survive and be very happy you did. Because we’ve only just begun, little Ava.”
    “Oh, I’m sure that we will survive. Somehow and someway we will survive this.” She would; she had no doubts that he would. “And I can’t wait for more.” She wasn’t inexperienced, but she had never in her life felt as

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