Angel in Chains

Angel in Chains by Nellie C. Lind

Book: Angel in Chains by Nellie C. Lind Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nellie C. Lind
could feel it. It waited for him to use it, and he had to be able to use it if he wanted to go home. The magic within him was the only thing that could open a portal between the world of humans and the angels world, but that was also the only thing he could use his magic for. He was a warrior, not a magician.
    For the first time in his life , his magic worked against him. Opening that damn portal gave him a headache, and it weakened him. Aledyan cursed, and swore that Yorin would pay for what he had done. It actually hurt to use his magic. It felt like a huge muscle ache, but in his head. It drained him of his powers, and he felt more and more tired, but if he didn't open the portal he would never be able to go home, and time was something neither he nor Inez had. He didn't have the time to recover! He had to do it, now. Every minute counted.
    Aledyan closed his eyes , and his determination grew. He ignored the stabbing headache and reached for his magic that was hidden somewhere deep within him, slumbering. It struggled against his reach, and slipped out of his hands several times, making him sweat and his heart pound against his chest.
    Aledyan was out of breath after several minutes. His head spun, and all he wanted to do was lie down and sleep, but that option didn't exist.
    It was now or never.
    With the little strength that he had left he somehow managed to open the portal. He watched it materialize in front of him like transparent waves in the air. At first he saw his own reflection before the everlasting beauty of a green forest, and a blue sky appeared.
    He exhaled and relief filled him. Aledyan flew through it, but without a hint or a warning his wings suddenly gave in. Aledyan gasped, and fear went right through him. His wings refused to hold him up anymore. No matter how frantically he tried to move his wings they refused to obey. They felt like heavy stone blocks, and the ground came up fast. If he didn't make them work soon, there wouldn't be much left of him once he hit the ground. For some reason, the portal had opened high up in the air, most likely because of his lack of concentration. Usually that elevation didn't bother him because usually, he could fly.
    Panic took ahold of him.
    Suddenly four unknown hands grabbed him around his waist and arms, slowing his fall until he gently landed upon the grass.
    Aledyan breathed fast. He lay on his stomach and realized that someone had just saved him, but he was too exhausted to turn around and thank them.
    “Aledyan?” he heard a familiar voice say next to him. He barely had enough strength to turn his head to look at the owner of the voice.
    Someone leaned closer and Aledyan got a glimpse of long, red hair. “It is you!”
    Aledy an turned his head a little more and saw two of his friends sitting next to him. Their facial expressions were mixed with confusion, worry and surprise. Their eyes told him that they barely believed what they saw. He understood why.
    Aledyan understood what he looked like to them with his dirty, messy wings and weak, shaky body. It was embarrassing that his own wings hadn't been able to hold him up, but he tried to ignore the feeling. What was important now was that he had managed to get home. Hope filled him. Maybe he would be able to save Inez after all.
    Aledyan smiled toward them briefly before he slowly sat up. His head was still spinning, and his wings felt heavy. His friends helped him while they looked him over.
    “We have been l ooking for you for many years. Where have you been and what has happened to you?”
    It was Cerin who spoke. He was an attractive angel with long, wavy hair that had the color of fire. He had a face that made every woman turn around, but his cold, green eyes made them think twice before they approached him. His entire aura screamed “stay away”. Cerin was taller than Aledyan and more muscular. His flawless skin was as pale as milk, and his wings were red all over. Even his wings were bigger than

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