An Unknown Place

An Unknown Place by Felicite Lilly

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Authors: Felicite Lilly
already there, that Jake was working her into the ground. I knew he would, but I couldn’t stop him when I wasn’t there. I promised her a bonus.
    “How about Wednesday?” Mac asked.
    Wednesday was my birthday.
    I texted the date to Bren and the names. She asked what time and I said the earliest possible flight that wasn’t a red eye. I wanted Mac to get some sleep.
    “So, those numbers.”
    “They’re good. I would raise the shandy beer number by 20%, since we don’t carry one and we’re going into the spring and summer months.”
    I could hear rustling on the other line. I imagined her sweaty from her work out and got hard. I rubbed my dick through my pants. God I needed relief. I needed a distraction. But there was no way I could get it with anyone but Mac. I was sure I would get her out of my system at some point. Even if we ended up in a relationship, I was never one to stay long. My family and the endless line of women I’d left in my wake could attest to that.
    Jake and Bren were the people who had been around the longest. But that was because Jake was my best friend and Bren was my assistant. She had no interest in me, nor I in her. She had an attitude and gave as good as she got.
    “Kellan did you hear me?”
    Nope, I’d been busy trying to rub myself off while on the Key Bridge.
    “No, sorry. What?”
    “Any other changes?”
    Only that I needed to get Mac in my bed – against a wall, in a back seat…I wasn’t picky. I just felt an acute need, but I also needed to keep an eye out for her. I needed to make sure that when that happened that she was completely ready for it. She hadn’t slept with anyone in years.
    What kind of world would that be? I had only gone without sex for four days and I felt like I was in the midst of a dry spell.
    “Nope. Everything looks great. I’ll send you the flight information.”
    “Alright. Thank you for that. I’ll let you know about Lynn.”
    “Anything for you.”
    And I found that wasn’t a lie. I would do anything for this girl.
    I hung up my phone and made my way into work. I tucked my boner into the waistband of my khakis. I didn’t need to walk around with a tent after I’d been gone for almost five days. I hoped the place hadn’t burned down without me there.
    Jake was great at the business side of things, but sucked managing our people. My strength was his weakness, and vice versa. I was a good businessman, but Jake was a genius.
    I cradled my phone to my chest. I loved hearing his voice, even if it was four in the morning. It calmed me. Surprisingly it turned me on, too. The real thing was better than my imagination. I slid my hand between my legs and finished what I’d started.

    The last five days had flown by. I had talked to Mac at least once every day. She used the excuse that she wanted to talk about her trip out to Maryland or the business, but I knew she just wanted to talk. She had kept me up to date on what was going on in her life and at the bar. I had told her about what I’d been up to, minus all the masturbation. We had always gotten around to talking about the business at some point, but more than that she was my friend. A valued piece of my life, one I looked forward to seeing.
    Mac was flying in today, my birthday, her flight had been delayed due to weather, so she’d be in around 3pm our time. Minus Lynn.
    Lynn’s partner had broken her arm during a rock climbing accident. She refused to leave her side. Lynn hadn’t been into The Strip since it’d happened. I was afraid Mac would have to cancel since she was in charge while Lynn was out, but she said that Russell’s girlfriend, Kristen, would cover for her while she was gone and call her with any issues.
    Mac had taken to her new position with ease. I was proud to pay her what I did. Jake was less thrilled. We had it out over the cost of our new employee . He thought I was paying her because I wanted in her pants. The original reason

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