An Erotic Baptist Story

An Erotic Baptist Story by Franklin Eddy

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Authors: Franklin Eddy
An Erotic Baptist Story
    By Franklin Eddy
    Copyright 2012

    Chapter 1

greatest sin according to the Bible is adultery,” Preacher
Leroy Smith said. “In the old testament it says to stone women
to death who are caught in adultery. Of course in our sinful secular
society, that is no longer allowed.”
    It was Sunday
morning, and my wife and I were attending the service at Wayside
Baptist Church.
    I listened to him
for a few moments and then got to thinking. If there was anyone that
had a reason to commit adultery, it was him. I glanced over at his
wife, Betty, who was a skinny woman with a stern look on her face.
Frankly I couldn't conceived of anyone wanting to have sex with her,
but she did have two small children, so I guess that the preacher had
had sex with her at least twice.
    I put my hand on
my Judy, my wife's leg and slowly rubbed it up and down. She was a
beautiful brunet in her mid 20s, and we had been married for two
years. She let my hand remain on her leg for a couple of minutes and
suddenly realized that she was in church. She smiled and took my
hand in hers as she leaned over and said, “Be good. You are in
    I glanced down the
pew at my friend Ron who had been watching me. He smiled and gave me
a thumbs up.
    I looked over at
Sharon Wilson. She was the church secretary and was extremely sexy.
She was divorced and not dating anyone right now. She had sang a
song for the service this morning and had a wonderful voice.
Everyone in the church liked her since she was friendly and cheerful.
If I was going to have an affair and commit adultery, I would
consider her. Of course, I had no reason to commit adultery since I
had a beautiful wife that gave me plenty of sex.
    That got me to
thinking about adultery. To commit adultery a person would need
certain things like desire, opportunity, and be a risk taker. I
didn't have desire for other women since my wife took care of my
sexual needs. I actually didn't have much opportunity anyway since I
was an accountant and mainly worked with spreadsheets and financial
statements. There wasn't a lot of opportunity to meet women. A
person that worked with people would have the best opportunity
though. People like preachers, teachers, social workers, and
politicians that were around people a lot had the most opportunities.
Now as far as risk taking, I was more conservative and didn't
believe in taking risks that could ruin my marriage.
    Now the preacher
had opportunities so would be an excellent candidate for committing
adultery. As far as desire and risk taking, I was not sure of that.
He seemed to preach on that subject a lot. Maybe he secretly lusted
after Sharon. I didn't see what she would get out of it though since
he wasn't that good looking or rich.
    I closed my eyes
and dozed off. Judy punched me and whispered, “Wake up.”
    “I was
praying,” I responded, trying to look innocent.
    I glanced down at
my watch and noticed it was already after 12 o'clock. Baptist
preachers tend to be long winded, and this preacher was no exception.
Finally it was over, and we walked out the front door. The preacher
always shook hands with everyone as they were leaving.
    “It was an
interesting sermon, Preacher,” I said, “but I don't have
any reason to commit adultery, so it was wasted on me.”
he responded, “but anyone can fall into sin. The Devil is
always waiting for opportunities to pull the child of God into his
    Ron and his wife
Ann were waiting for us. “Do you guys want to go out to eat,”
Ann asked.
    We nodded and were
soon at a nice Mexican restaurant that we liked. Since the preacher
had gone over on the time, the restaurant crowd was already slowing
down, so we found a table easily.
    After we were
seated, Ron said, “Well, that ordeal is over for the week.”
    I nodded my head
since I agreed with him. The waitress came over, and we ordered.
    I looked at Ron
and said, “Do you think that Preacher ever committed

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