Ajaiyi and His Inherited Poverty

Ajaiyi and His Inherited Poverty by Amos Tutuola

Book: Ajaiyi and His Inherited Poverty by Amos Tutuola Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amos Tutuola
pains of their beats we began to move backward from them perhaps they would stop to beat us. As they did not attempt to stop beating us but they were moving towards us and were still beating us continuously as we were moving backward from them, we slipped into this river unnoticed .
    So we hardly slipped into the river when these water creatures jumped into the river with gladness and then they continued to beat us mercilessly. When we felt thepains too much we dived into the bottom of the river perhaps they would stop to beat us. But they too dived at the same time and then continued to beat us. So without hesitation, when we were sure that they would soon kill us if we did not come out from this river as soon as possible , we forced ourselves to cross this river to other side. But as soon as we came out from the river at the other end, these water creatures ran to us and they continued to beat us. At last, when we saw that we could not overpower them in any way, we began to run along for our lives. To our fear, these strange water creatures were chasing us along and continued to beat us until when it was daybreak . But as soon as the sun was appeared it quenched the powerful beam of light of their eyes. Now we could see them clearly and then the three of us faced them. We began to cut them repeatedly with all our power and within a few minutes they ran back to their river with severe cuts on all over their bodies.
    It was like that we defeated these harmful and merciless strange creatures of the river. But as we had now understood that it was only in the night they had power to use the powerful beam of light of their eyes, we did not wait to rest but continued to travel along as hastily as we could in this jungle so that we might be able to travel far away from that river before the night came. Having travelled far away from that river and we were quite sure that we were safe from them then we stopped. We ate the ripen fruits which we found near there, after that we sat down and leaned our backs on a big tree. As we were enjoying the cool breeze it was so the three of us were discussing about that strange creatures of the rivers because they were too strange to us. After a while, we didnot know when the three of us fell asleep unexpectedly because we were very tired and again we had much pains all over our bodies because we were nearly beaten to death by that strange creatures of that river.
    It was like that the three of us were sleeping from that morning without waking once till the midnight. But when it was midnight we heard suddenly the noises of many drums. Then we woke and stood up with fear. When we looked round we saw that seven drummers had already surrounded us before we woke. They were beating their drums in such a strange way that we did not know when we started to dance. As they were beating their drums it was so they were singing a kind of strange song with lovely voices in such a way that there was no any human being who might hear it would not dance with happiness.
    Having danced for about one hour without knowing whether these drummers were going to kill us, they stopped to beat their drums and stopped to sing as well. As soon they stopped, they asked: “Where are three of you going to?” Alabi hastily replied that we were going to visit the Creator. Again, they asked: “What are you going to visit him for?” Ojo replied that we were going to visit him in respect of our poverty. Ojo explained further that we wanted the Creator to set us free from our poverty. Having heard these explanations one who was the head for the rest shook his head up and down and then he told us that they were the drummers and singers for the Creator. He told us as well that he would take us to the Creator.
    When he told us like that we were afraid perhaps they were harmful creatures but when we thought over again that they were human beings like ourselves,we were very happy to follow them. Then he told us to be in front of them.

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