Agents In Harms Way

Agents In Harms Way by Don Winslow

Book: Agents In Harms Way by Don Winslow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Don Winslow

    Chapter Ten
    Having fallen into the hands of a gang of white slavers, the three American girls were convinced that their situation could hardly get worse. They had a great deal of time to consider their fate as they rode, jostled and bounced erratically, in the back of the creaky old Army truck, as it crawled its way along the jungle path and into the forbidding coastal mountains. Although the arching canvas cowl of the truck bed sheltered the prisoners from the worst of the sun, the sweltering heat and hard wooden benches made for a miserable ride. And so it was with a great deal of relief that they were finally allowed to climb down as the sun was settling, and the small party found a clearing to make camp for the night.
    For their journey, the captives had been lightly clad in T-shirts and hiking shorts with serviceable shoes and thick cotton socks. By the time they could climb down to set up their tent for the night, they were hot and drenched with sweat. Their T-shirts had become gauzily transparent. Wet and sticky, the thin cotton fabric clung to the curves of bra-less female chests, providing their ogling guards with a gratifying eyeful. But to their surprise, the girls were not forced to have sex with the grinning peasant soldiers. Beyond being frequent objects of some obviously crude and dirty jokes in Spanish by their pointing, hooting guards, they were not sexually harassed.
    Even though the leering Major (the girls called him “the toy soldier” behind his back), threatened and promised unspeakable degradations, he didn’t lay a finger on them during the 3-day journey. Of course, he had already established himself with their natural leader before they even left the yacht. His commander had made it clear that the women were not to be touched on the trip back to camp, but the cunning Major, a seasoned veteran of Army ways, saw how he might sample those delectable delights that had fallen into his hands without violating the letter of his superior’s order. All he needed was a bit of cooperation from Captain Thompson, and of that he was assured.
    So he made a great deal out of the fact that it would be necessary to test the prisoner’s obedience prior to his hazardous journey through the jungle. It was his duty to be sure that the women would not attempt to rebel or flee, he explained with great sincerity. He let the Captain know that, in his opinion, the tall one, the one he had taken to calling “ the Federale ” did not look very trustworthy at all. Captain Thompson assured him that Mallory had indeed learned to obey orders while on his ship, although he ruefully admitted that she could be tiresome at times.
    “Would the Capitan mind if the Major saw for himself?”
    “But of course,” his suave host, who saw immediately where the ploy was going, had assured him.
    Immensely pleased at his own cleverness, the little Major beckoned Mallory to him, and with that filthy leer on his mustachioed lips, reached down to slowly undo his pants, watching the woman’s reaction as he brought forth a thick, semi-swollen penis.
    “On your knees, Numero Nueve, Senorita Federale ,” he gruffly ordered.
    Mallory, swallowing her distaste, did as she was told; slid to her knees before this disgusting piece of humanity. Because of the difference in their heights, she found herself facing his scrawny chest, and she had to bow low when he offered her his turgid manhood, forcing her to accept it in her mouth, to take in the proffered penis. All the while the little Major beamed down on her in smug triumph. And as the other men watched, Major Augusto Guzman made the beautiful gringa service him, forcing her to suck on his throbbing erection, while he worked her bobbing her head up and down on his prick with both hands.
    The first touch of her lips brought the lusty Latin surging into full prominence, his erection hard and throbbing. He felt the sweet pleasure of her soft

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