Against Me (Cedar Tree Book 3)

Against Me (Cedar Tree Book 3) by Freya Barker

Book: Against Me (Cedar Tree Book 3) by Freya Barker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Freya Barker
smile on my face.
    Chuckling, Caleb reaches over the centre console and brushes his knuckles over my cheek. He brought over my beloved M&P Shield today, which had been stored in Gus' safe all this time. Damn it'll feel good to wrap my hand around it.
    "You're lucky they have an official shooting range here in Macon where we can do some decent target practice. They even have a few courses set up we could try at some point, although to be honest, I wouldn't even know where to start on how to run those properly when you need two hands to manoeuvre the wheelchair."
    I smile, and rest my head back against the seat letting the changes of the last few days play out in my head, and I've gotta say, I feel more alive than I have in a long time. Changes have come at me fast and furious, but truth be told, life had been nauseatingly boring and predictable since I landed in a wheelchair. I had started to think that's the way it was going to be. Apparently not. So far with Caleb it's been anything but boring. He doesn't seem to be affected too much by the wheelchair, and actually makes me forget it's there half the time as well. I sure as hell don’t need a wheelchair in bed, and Caleb doesn't need help of any kind in that department. Fuck me, but that man has skills. When I woke up this morning, my body was still tingling and throbbing from the workout he put it through last night.
    For someone usually on the cautious side, I sure am letting my hair down. It's fast, but it doesn't really feel like it. Maybe 'cause we've known each other for a few years, or maybe because he's been explicitly clear on where he stands and what he wants, which really minimizes risk for me. Not like I'm the one putting my heart on the line, or am I?
    "What are you thinking so hard on?" Caleb gaze hits me before keeping an eye on the road ahead once more.
    I snicker, "Oh, just everything. About a year's worth of excitement in two days and some life-altering events thrown in for good measure."
    "Life-altering. That good, huh?" he says with a smile. That earns him a smack in the shoulder.
    "You like my ass."
    "God help me, I do."
    "Don't need any help there, sweets. It's all yours if you'll have it."
    The smile on Caleb's face emphasizes the crinkles by his eyes. I love those crinkles. I’ve seen more of them in the last few days than I have in all the time I've known him. Instead of responding, I take my time studying his profile as he continues to watch the road, smile still plastered on his face. He really is a beautiful man; normally quite stern looking, but when he smiles, his eyes light up his entire face. An ageless face―one I could easily stare at for years to come. Holy crud, what am I thinking?
    "Looking for warts?"
    "What... Sorry?"
    "Are you looking for warts? Trying to find flaws? I can feel your eyes scanning me, like you're trying to decide if I'm worth keeping around."
    Turning into a parking lot of what I assume to be the shooting range, he pulls into a parking spot, turns off the engine and twists around in his seat so he's facing me. The question lingers in his eyes, laced with what might be some uncertainty. I quickly unclip my belt and turn to him, putting both my hands on his face.
    "Not. Was simply contemplating how gorgeous you are, especially when you seem happy."
    His eyes darken, his hand grab the back of my head and pulls me into a heart-stopping kiss. When his lips finally pull back and I can catch my breath, he whispers, "I don't just seem happy, I am happy, and I can't remember the last time I've felt this way."
    I can't hold his intense eyes any longer and plant my face in his chest, struggling to swallow down the huge lump stuck in my throat. There is nothing to say to that, so I just let myself feel.

    "Oh my God! Did you see that? Nailed that sucker right in the gonads."
    Katie has been tirelessly shooting clip after clip for the past half hour, getting more hyped up by the minute.
    "Yes, I see, and it would

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