After Forever Ends

After Forever Ends by Melodie Ramone

Book: After Forever Ends by Melodie Ramone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melodie Ramone
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary
and neck were. I was hot all over my body, ready to break into a sweat. Oliver slowly slid off the sofa and sat on the floor. He pulled his hand through his hair and looked away, “You didn’t do anything wrong or anything,” I assured him, smoothing down my skirt. I readjusted my bra and closed my blouse, “I liked it really. It’s just that I’ve never …”
    “Gotten off on a sofa in the middle of the night at your boyfriend’s parent’s house?” He tuned to me quickly with a look in his eye I couldn't quite label. I wasn't sure if he were upset or about to laugh.
    “Well…no, I haven’t.” I looked down as I buttoned my shirt.
    “If you want the truth, I’ve never either. Of course, I’ve never had a boyfriend to try it with.” He had such a way of putting me at ease with humour. He grinned at me and I melted, “No, really, though. I never have. Not even with a girl.”
    “Truly. Not like we just were anyway.” He turned his t-shirt right side out and slipped it over his head. He didn’t notice that he’d put it on backwards.
    “But I thought…you know you’re so popular with the girls. I just figured you’d have...”
    “Don’t confuse me with Alexander when it comes to that, Sil.” Oliver lifted his drink from the coffee table and took a large gulp, “That’s his department, not mine.”
    “So you’ve never?” I pulled myself up and righted the cushions.
    “Oh, I had a chance or two. That Vivian we joke about, she was a bit—er—adventurous.”
    “She wanted to commit twincest?”
    He grinned again, but this time he blushed, “Yes, she did. But I didn’t. I found it repulsive, passing a girl back and forth between us like a hot towel. Alexander agreed, which kind of surprised me. He’s odd like that, though. You’d think he’s a dog, but he’s actually got some decency in there someplace. He’s really not so much of a pervert as everybody thinks. Anyway, it’s why we make fun of her. She was bizarre really.”
    “You’re the first boy I’ve even kissed.” I told him as I buttoned my shirt.
    “No way!” He really did not seem to believe me. “You’re way too pretty to have never been kissed before me.”
    “It’s the truth! I went to an all-girl’s boarding school. It wasn’t like I was snogging the caretaker. He was the only male there.”
    Oliver was quiet for a moment, “I’ll tell you the truth, even if you think I’m lame. I’ve only ever kissed a girl and that’s it. One girl before you and it wasn’t anything like I kiss you. I didn’t like kissing her. We kept knocking teeth. It was like we couldn’t get it right.”
    I giggled, feeling a bit more relaxed, “How awful!”
    “It was! After a couple of goes it made me think of two horses snogging. That visual killed any romantic feeling, lemme tell you!” He paused and gave me a thoughtful look, “Xan, he’s done it. Loads, actually. Most of the rumours about him are true. I’ve had offers, but I couldn’t go through with it.”
    “Why didn’t you?”
    “I don’t know. Like I said, I’ve had offers,” Oliver got on his knees and leaned toward me, “I could’ve anytime I wanted, but something’s always stopped me. I think it’s…well, I know what it is. I don’t like the idea of getting that close to someone who’s not special to me,” He shuddered, “Or especially with someone who gets on with loads of blokes. It makes my skin crawl, honestly.”
    “Me, too.” I said quietly and then added, “I’m sorry.”
    “What for? For telling me I was going out of bounds? Don’t be.” He took my hand and kissed my knuckles.
    “Right. But I don’t want you to think that I don’t want to, either. I do. I’m just scared. Plus, we don’t have any protection or anything.”
    “Oh, we do. It’s in Alex’s room. But I didn’t get any because I didn’t think we’d need it. I didn’t think things would go that far.”
    I was honestly embarrassed, “Please, I’m

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