Act of Mercy (PSI-Ops / Immortal Ops)

Act of Mercy (PSI-Ops / Immortal Ops) by Mandy M. Roth

Book: Act of Mercy (PSI-Ops / Immortal Ops) by Mandy M. Roth Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mandy M. Roth
in the café.
    She ’s yours.
    It felt as if he were climbing through a haze of emotions. His cock picked then to act a fool, hardening, wanting what he smelled. He wanted to find her and fuck her senseless.
    Down boy. We need to get her to safety.
    His cock ignored him.
    Figure d.
    Duke followed the scent and tapped much, much lighter this time on the bedroom door. Again, no response. He knew she was in there. He could smell her. Maybe she was afraid. After all, he did just throw her front door into her kitchen area.
    He turned the handle and opened the door slightly. “Dr. Deluca?”
    Duke couldn ’t move. His entire body acted as if he’d been hit by something that froze him in place. There before him was the tiny doctor, dancing, of all things. She was shaking her backside as she packed mismatched clothing into a small bag. She sang a song about a string of some sort. He’d never heard it before but damn if it wasn’t adorable coming out of her.
    What the fuck?
    She didn ’t seem to notice him there at all and she’d clearly not heard him break her door down.
    How the hell could she miss that?
    “Doctor!” he shouted, still stuck in place by the sight of her. Part of him feared if he got any closer to her that he might actually act on the impulse to fuck her. Didn’t help matters that she was still shaking her sexy little ass. It was altogether too easy to picture her bent before him, his hands on her hips, holding her in place as he lined up with her wet core. His cock was painfully thick and hard, agreeing with how perfect the thought of being in her would be.
    He couldn ’t recall a time in his long life when he’d reacted so fiercely to the sight and smell of a female. Yet, this one before him had his mind a puddle of sex-ridden mush and she’d not even spoken a word to him.
    Fuck. If he she talks to me , I’ll come.
    Fuck. France did break me!
    I hate France.
    His cock pushed against his jeans, wanting to join in the dancing fun with her. The more she shook her perfect ass , the more turned on he became. She danced in a circle and stopped, her eyes widening when she spotted him.
    “ Are you here to fix the sink?” she asked in the loudest shout possible for someone her size. Her voice slid over him, caressing his eager cock, nearly making him lose control. He had to bite his inner cheek to help before he did something extra embarrassing. That or just grabbed her and kissed her until she melted against him.
    Do it.
    He wanted to punch his wolf in the face.
    “ Are. You. Here. To. Fix. The. Sink,” she repeated, still yelling, but this time punctuating each word as if he were the simple one. He’d have noticed someone holding a gun.
    “ What?” Was she for real? He was holding a firearm and she wanted to know if he was there to fix her sink. He was totally and completely obsessed with a crazy woman. There were no two ways about it. She had to be nuts.
    Fucking sexy as could be , but nuts.
    He knew her specs. He ’d read them, yet seeing her in person made him very aware of just how small she was in comparison to him. The alpha in him wanted to sweep her up and protect her from all the wrong in the world. Right now, he had to convince her that a big guy with a handgun in her living room was something worthy of panic, or at the very least, notice.
    She seemed oblivious.
    Striker’s tales of redheads came flooding back.
    Duke had a feeling Mercy would be totally wor th any headache or insanity she brought to the table.
    “ I can’t hear you,” she said before smiling wide—gifting him the same quirky smile she’d had in her photos.
    It rocked him to his very core. He wanted to kiss her. Didn’t matter that men were coming to try to kill them all. He wanted his lips on hers.
    Snap out of it.
    She removed her he adphones. “Sorry. They’re noise cancelling. I actually tweaked them to drown out everything, not just a certain percentage. They work great.”
    He ’d say so.
    “ Are

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