A Mate for Kai (The Program Book 6)

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Book: A Mate for Kai (The Program Book 6) by Charlene Hartnady Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charlene Hartnady
clearly right now.”
    Like fuck.
    He chewed on the inside of his cheek until he tasted blood. Zane went on. “They need to be granted an opportunity to discuss this. We need to be given some time to come to terms with this. We can discuss it further in the morning.”
    Blaze frowned. “We’re not staying. This isn’t some game. It’s not a discussion. It’s fucking simple. Either he mates with my sister or he dies.” The male raised his brows.
    “There is no way I will mate a female that lied to me.” Kai shook his head. There were so many things on the tip of his tongue. Things he wanted to say to hurt her. She deserved to be hurt. Yet, he couldn’t help but remember the sadness that had been in her eyes. It was still fucking there. The unshed tears that threatened to fall. The way she apologized to him with such sincerity. At the time, he believed it was because she had abducted him, but now he knew there was more to it. So much more.
    “I’m sorry,” she whispered. Those purple orbs focused solely on him. Once again they were filled with tears. For just a second it felt like they were the only people in the room. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. Kai wasn’t falling for her vulnerable act. Not again.
    He shook his head. “It’s not good enough. You lied to me.” He worked his jaw. Mistake. The throbbing started up again. Kai ignored it. “You lied about something so important. You stole from me.” Then he turned and walked out. He didn’t give two fucks. The Dragon shifters could come after him. They could fucking kill him for all he cared.
    “Please give me a chance to explain.” Her voice followed him as he fled down the stairs. No way. No fucking way.

Chapter 9
    The next morning…
    Ruby watched as Blaze paced. Up and down…and up and down. His feet sank into the woolen rug with every step. Dawn had long since come. Dragons were early risers. It seemed that vampires were not.
    They were in one of the towers. It had numerous bedrooms, a living area, dining area and a station for preparing food. Although she wasn’t sure why since meals had been brought to them.
    “You should never have come. I can’t believe you risked…yourself like that.” He looked angry. His eyes shone. His muscles bulged and his jaw worked. Tension radiated off of him. This was the first time he had addressed her since last night.
    “I’m fine. The young one is safer when I’m in dragon form. I was hoping to spur on my release.”
    His only answer was to growl before continuing with his pacing.
    What looked like anger clouded his featured but Ruby knew better. It wasn’t rage. It was worry. Over her . He treated her unborn child like he was nothing. Less than nothing. Making a face of disgust every time he spoke of his nephew, yet, she knew his fear was not just over her. It was also for the child. Her brother was greatly afraid. Though he would never admit it. Not even to himself.
    That’s what this was all about. This sudden urge to find the male responsible. To make him do the honorable thing. It was borne of his fear.
    Two weeks late. No one had ever been so late before.
    She touched a hand to her stomach and sucked in a deep breath, willing her racing heart to slow and her breathing to normalize. Everything was going to be fine. It had to be.
    “Please stop this craziness. Let’s go back to the kingdom of Fire.” Her voice hitched from the emotion that coursed through her. Seeing him again. The big vampire male. So beautiful, kind and trusting. So sweet and yet fierce. He was a good male.
    She hated the anguish and the pain that had rolled off of him. The anger that burned in his eyes. What she really wanted was a chance to explain.
    “No.” Blaze was resolute in his response. His stature stiff and unyielding. “He will do the honorable thing or he will die.”
    “He didn’t even know I was in heat. I tricked him. I abducted him and held him against his will. It was all my doing and yet

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