Yours Book 2: Gaining Experience (Yours Series)

Yours Book 2: Gaining Experience (Yours Series) by Blue Saffire

Book: Yours Book 2: Gaining Experience (Yours Series) by Blue Saffire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Blue Saffire
I say coyly and bat my lashes.
    Nick chuckles and shakes his head at me. I know I am playing with fire. When he does get his hands on me he is going to make me pay for all my teasing, but it will be worth the price I will pay.
    Besides, I am liking this new me. I feel free and something tells me that Nick likes it too. Being flirty is making me feel sexy and confident. Being with Nick makes me want to come out of my shell.
    We finish the rest of dinner and Nick requests a chocolate with raspberry and red wine cake. We climb back into the car and head for wherever it is Nick wants to take me.
    Nick turns on the radio to fill the silence in the car. I think it is more so I won’t ask any questions before he is ready. Again, I watch him as he maneuvers the car. Nick just oozes sex. My hands itch to reach over and run through his hair so that is exactly what I do.
    Nick reaches for my hand and brings it to his lips to kiss my palm, never taking his eyes from the road. Warmth spreads through my belly from his one simple kiss. I sigh contently and nestle back into my seat, looking out of the passenger window. I don’t know where we are going, but I would follow this man to the ends of the earth without question.
    “Don’t fall asleep on me, Baby,” Nick says as he looks over at me.
    My lids are getting a little heavy. It has been a long day. I turn my head toward him and smile. He squeezes my hand that he now has resting on his thigh.
    The car pulls to a stop and I look around in confusion. Nick has pulled off the main road and we are now sitting on a cliff. As I look out the windows it is like we are suspended in the clouds above all the city lights below.
    I look toward Nick and lift a questioning brow, he knows I am afraid of heights. He cuts the engine and turns towards me. Reaching for my seat belt, he unfastens me and cups the back of my neck. Nick’s lips meet mine for a searing kiss. I am instantly consumed by him. I forget all about our surroundings.
    All I can comprehend is Nick, his smell, his taste, the feel of his soft but firm kiss. I want to crawl into his lap, but he is holding me firmly in place with his grip on my neck. My trash talk and bravado seems to have taken flight, leaving me alone to be consumed completely by this man.
    Nick is the first one to break the kiss, placing his forehead to mine as we both try to catch our breath. Nick’s hand slides from my neck to cup my cheek. He presses a soft kiss to my lips.
    “Come, let’s share our dessert and then I will finish what I started,” Nick says with a small smile.
    Although, his tone tells me he is not just talking about the kiss and the fire he has started in my belly. He plans to finish our talk before we leave this spot. I just can’t help wondering why he has chosen this spot.
    Nick gets out of the car, but doesn’t come to open my door as I expect him to. Instead, he opens the trunk. I step out of the car, but Nick shoots me a look that warns to stay put, while also questioning why I got out of the car in the first place.
    I stand and watch as he closes the trunk and then moves to the front of the car spreading a blanket across the hood. Next, he comes to the passenger side where I am standing and lifts me by my waist, plucking me off my feet and placing me in the center of the hood, on top of the blanket.
    Nick moves to the back seat of the car to get the dessert he ordered for us at the restaurant. I watch as he comes to take a seat on the hood next to me. I love how graceful his body movements are as he climbs up beside me.
    Nick opens the tray they placed the large slice of cake in. With the plastic fork the restaurant provided, Nick slices into the decadent moist cake. He lifts the fork to my lips.
    I decide to channel my sexy diva again. The one that has been peeking her head out all night. I lower my lashes and look up at Nick through them. I then slowly lick my lips before wrapping them around the fork just as slowly and sensually.

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