Wounded But Not Scarred (New Adult Rockers 2)

Wounded But Not Scarred (New Adult Rockers 2) by W.H. Vega

Book: Wounded But Not Scarred (New Adult Rockers 2) by W.H. Vega Read Free Book Online
Authors: W.H. Vega
    “Okay! Enough thinking about that!”
she says cheerfully, taking a huge swig of her wine. “Let’s go enjoy the last
hour or so of this party!”
    I take one more sip of my beer and
set it down before spinning Paige out onto the dance floor. Our dancing is
short lived before we’re summoned for more photographs.
    We’re pulled in two different directions
and I end up with Ben and Ryan, posing in front of one of our posters in the
    “Hey, was that Savannah’s mother I
saw you speaking to earlier?” Ryan asks in a low voice as we follow directions
on how to pose.
    “Yes,” I mutter.
    “What the hell did she want? Did
she want a piece of that dick too?”
    I can't help but laugh.
    “I don’t even want to talk about
it." I say smiling. "That family is giving me so much shit for
breaking up with Savannah.”
    “Really?” Ben asks surprised. “I
would've thought that they would have been happy.”
    “Yeah, exactly. Like they wanted
their daughter to marry some bum in a band,” I scoff. “But not the case.
They’re acting like this scorned family who has had their reputation
    “What the fuck?” Ryan breathes.
    “Yeah. Just let it go. It’s pissing
me off and it’s upsetting Paige.”
    “You and Paige are pretty serious,
aren’t you?” Ben asks. He’s always the more perceptive one.
    I give him a gruff nod.
    “Serious like ‘get-married’
serious?” Ryan asks, head cocked to the side.
    I nod again and Ryan lets out a low
    “Are you surprised?” Ben asks,
turning to Ryan. “He’d be an idiot to let go of Paige. If I found a girl like
her, I’d marry her too.”
    Ryan looks wistful for a moment.
“But think of all the girls you’d be giving up.”
    Of course, Ryan would say something
like that.
    “Pig,” I mutter, and he shrugs,
unembarrassed. “She’s worth it. Trust me,” I add.
    Ryan gives me an envious look.
    People are starting to leave and we
watch them pick up their swag bags from a nearby table.
    “Think this will actually help us
sell albums?” Ben asks.
    “I hope so. There were definitely
enough big names here to see us sing and to get copies. Hopefully we get some
more air time now too.”
    “I just hope we’re ready for this
tour,” Ryan remarks. “They’ve been pushing us like crazy.”
    We wrap up and go back into the
ballroom to enjoy what’s left of the party.
    “There you are!”
    I feel Paige wrap her arms around
my waist and nuzzle my neck.
    “Hey, baby. We just finished up
some photos.” I say.
    “Yes, I saw you in the hallway. I
just said goodbye to my mother. She wanted to say good bye to you too but she
couldn’t find you.”
    "Damn, I'm sorry I missed her.”
    And as if on cue, my parents appear
from the crowd.
    “We’re heading out,” my mother
says, playing with a stray piece of hair that’s come undone. Her face is
flushed and her eyes are bright. In fact, I hardly saw my parents tonight
because they were so busy dancing and enjoying themselves. It was nice to see
my parents so happy together, especially after thirty years of marriage.
    “It was a phenomenal party,” my dad
says, giving me a pat on the back and hugging Paige.
    “I’m so glad you guys were able to
make it.”
    “Honey, we wouldn’t miss it for the
world,” my mother says, kissing my cheek. She hugs and kisses Paige. “You were
wonderful tonight. And you looked beautiful.”
    Paige blushes. “Thank you.”
    “Thanks for coming Mom and Dad,” I
say, “Drive safe.”
    My dad pulls out a little plastic
card. “No driving tonight. We got a room.”
    My mom smiles mischievously.
    “Oh come on! I don’t need to know
that,” I moan.
    Paige laughs.
    My parents smile at us and wave as
they disappear into the crowd.
    “That was smart,” she says
thoughtfully. “I didn’t even think about booking a room. I was so caught up in
the evening itself.”
    I give her a little smile.
    “What?” she demands.
    I pull out my own little

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