Worlds Apart 2: Hunter's Revenge

Worlds Apart 2: Hunter's Revenge by Bonnie Rose Leigh

Book: Worlds Apart 2: Hunter's Revenge by Bonnie Rose Leigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bonnie Rose Leigh
storm of emotion passes. Never fear, I will always be here for you.
    Amy closed her eyes, enjoying the sound of Hunter’s voice in her mind. She let the pounding of his heart against her cheek soothe her. For the first time in a long, long time, she actually believed in something, in someone. It was a nice feeling to have.
    It is nice, isn’t it? This is how we can communicate if we are separated by choice or design. We will always know where the other is. What the other is feeling, fear, pain, joy.
    She knew what he meant. She could feel his overwhelming joy at their binding. She heard the steady beat of his heart, knew that somehow her heartbeat matched his as well.
    She reached out, put her hand on her chest and managed to look into his eyes. “I don’t know what I feel here,” she put her hand over her heart. “Other than somehow it’s taken on the same steady beat of yours.”
    The high-pitched chime of the ship’s intercom interrupted their conversation. “I apologize for interrupting, Your Highness, but you wanted to be informed if we found a planet matching the description given by our prisoner.”
    “Thank you, Mikel . Do a long-range scan and we’ll take a rendering to our prisoner to identify. If it’s the correct planet, how long will it take to reach it?”
    “About two days at interstellar light speed, Hunter. Not too long, but still…long enough.”

    Chapter Eight
    As the pair dressed, Amy reached out for Hunter’s hand. “Is there a way we can get a picture of this planet? I’d like to show it to both Chrissie and Maryann.”
    Hunter grinned, pleased beyond words she now felt comfortable enough with him to reach out and touch him. “That’s a great idea. Besides, I know you’ve worried about Maryann since you woke from your healing sleep.”
    She blushed and turned away, obviously uncomfortable with his praise. He liked the way her skin pinked when he complimented her. He needed to remember to do it more often.
    After clasping her hand in his, Hunter led Amy back through the lush garden and headed toward the exit. By the time they reached the door controls, she’d laced her fingers with his.
    “I want to pick up a compu -pad . We can download planet images on it and take it to the women.”
    Amy licked her lips, and gave him a tiny smile. “And where would they hide a computer here in this room?”
    Smiling, Hunter approached the control pad. After keying in his access code, a recessed cabinet opened in the wall to the left of the door and out slid a slim tray with a handheld instrument. The matte silver instrument had a glowing green touch screen. He then lifted the thin electronic pad upright, fastening it into the ridges in the tray. “Computer, download planetary images onto the compu -pad please.”
    “Working. Transfer complete.”
      Amy sidled closer to Hunter. He could feel her desperate desire to see the planet where her family and the others were held captive. He could even feel her confusion over what happened between them, when she’d been certain she would never willingly bear another male’s touch again.
    He shook his head. With Amy so close, his body couldn’t help but respond. His cock, sated minutes before, began to grow hard and ready as her scent enveloped him.
    “Wow. Chrissie is right. Is does seem to have some sort of mystical veil covering it. And the sea-foam green color is shot with swirls of silver and pink. Definitely a good focal point when you need one. I wish…”
    As Amy’s voice drifted off and she looked away. He knew exactly what she wished. She wished she’d had this planet to focus on while her captors raped and tormented her. Hunter could feel her pain twisting through her body, and all he wanted to do was take it into himself , where it could never torture her again.
    Looking down, he noticed he held the device so tightly, only a miracle kept it from shattering in his hands. “Shall we go visit our prisoner

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