Word of Honor, Book 2

Word of Honor, Book 2 by Tiana Laveen

Book: Word of Honor, Book 2 by Tiana Laveen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tiana Laveen
Tags: Fiction
was attracted to you right then and there… I knew it the instant I saw you.”
    She tried to hide her smile, but it proved damn near impossible.
    “I hated it, you know?” He gazed at her. “It wasn’t the first time somethin’ like that had happened though. I’d seen other black women from time to time that I thought were attractive. It didn’t happen a lot, but it did every once in a while. Yet with you… with you, the feeling was the strongest . I couldn’t stop lookin’ at you. I kept telling myself to turn away, to act like I didn’t notice, but I couldn’t seem to get it together.” He paused for a moment. “Nevertheless, I felt you should know… I was sweet on you before I even knew who you were.”
    She laughed lightly, certain she was blushing by the warmth that heated her cheeks. “When I first saw you on that basketball court, Aaron, all I could think was, ‘Damn, he is fine!’”
    They both burst out laughing, then drew quiet for a few minutes.
    “Yeah?” She wrapped her arm around his waist and looked into his eyes.
    “I got another confession…”
    “I would jerk off to how I pictured you in my mind, but you surpassed all of that… Sometimes, I’d lie in my bed in that cell, Mia, strokin’ my dick faster and faster as you took over my brain with your words, your perfume… Daydreamin’ about you, fantasizing about all the ways I’d make love to you when I finally got the chance.” His voice lowered, the nasty utterances getting ready to spill out. The man turned into an animal right before her eyes, down to his most basic; she could see it all over him and her pussy called to him, wishing and wanting for him to take her there.
    “Tell me more…”
    “I would think about the things I’d do to you, like bendin’ you over and eatin’ your juicy peach until you were shakin’ and drippin’ all over the place.”
    Her throat constricted as she processed the mental images of returning the favor to his impeccable, gorgeous cock…
    “And then I’d imagine you suckin’ my dick good ’nd hard, lovin’ it as I pushed it in and out of your mouth.” He paused and kissed her hard and fast, driving her crazy. “And me holdin’ the back of your damn head as you did it… that long, black hair of yours… messy and flowing so fuckin’ pretty… like black angel wings, you know?” He bent lower and kissed her navel. “I’d envision you riding me, too. Bouncin’ up and down on me so hard and fast, the damn bed would be squeakin’ real loud and your big tits would be moving around, smackin’ together as you rode me.”
    “Mmmmm!” She slipped her finger into her mouth and sucked it hard and slow… He watched; oh yes, he watched.
    “Your ass smackin’ into my legs as I’d push up inside of you. You’d cum hard… real hard baby, leavin’ my dick all wet and sticky, just how I like it! Uhhh, baby!”
    He slipped her baby toe inside his mouth then popped it back out and stared down at her with the darkness and light of the world in his eyes.
    “Then I’d put you in one of my favorite positions… turnin’ you on your damn stomach, baby, shove a pillow under you, forcin’ your butt up into the air. Then gettin’ behind that big, pretty ass of yours, like I’m a wild dog ready to fuck. I’d grip your hips real hard, keep them steady so you couldn’t even move…”
    “Then what, baby? Tell me!”
    “I’d shove my big, hard dick in your sopping wet pussy and just… fuck the livin’ shit outta you until I came over and over inside of you!”
    “Is that what you want, baby? You want to bend me on all fours and take it from behind?” She could hardly get the words out as her pussy wept right there on the bed. She bit down on her lower lip, craving…
    “Yeah, that’s what I fuckin’ want, all of that…and more, much more.” His eyes seemed to turn black as he rose from the bed, ready to do some shit that would certainly turn her

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