Wolf's Heart (Feral)

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Authors: Melissa Jolley
suspicion that David would lose easily in the groin region. To confirm her thoughts, she scrutinized the sizeable bulge in his jeans. Tilting her head to the side, she moistened her lips with a flick of her tongue and bit her lower lip in longing. She shook her head and clenched her fist as she attempted to clear her head of her increasingly erotic thoughts.
    Damn girl, slow down! You know where jumping into the arms of the nearest hot guy gets you, and it’s nowhere good. The mental reprimand made her focus back on Zane’s face and she quickly dropped her gaze to the floor as she saw his mesmerizing eyes staring back at her. When she dared to look up again, he had sat down and started signing autographs.
    He seemed kind, and was very responsive to whomever he was talking with. There was a gentleness and genuine affability in his smile which could not be faked. As she got nearer, she could hear the warmth in his voice that seemed at odds with his hulking appearance.
    “Wow, look at you!”
    A little girl lifted her homemade mask, a gleeful grin plastered on her face at her hero’s obvious appreciation of her hard work.
    “May I?” He reached out, meeting her tiny hands halfway as she handed him the mask without saying a word, her grin relentless. “That’s way better than what I have to wear. I see a future in special effects for you, young lady.” If possible, her smile widened as he handed her back the mask. He asked her name, her reply was inaudible to Larissa, but Zane leaned in to hear her. “Pretty name for a pretty girl,” he said as he signed her photograph, and she walked away chattering to her mother in an obvious state of joy.
    Larissa was suddenly, and quite forcibly reminded, of a boy from her childhood. How often had he said those very words to her? “Larissa, it’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.” Each summer they had set up camp outside a small Hampshire village, and every year the same little boy would come to meet them and play with her. Most of the other village children were told not to come near the gypsies. Aide had a tough home life; his parents argued a lot, so coming to visit Larissa and her grandmother was an escape. They’d sat together, petting her cat Princess, and listen to the wonderful tales Mala would weave about the legends of their tribe, the Zingari. She was so sad the summer they had arrived at the village to find Aide and his mother had moved without leaving a forwarding address.
    As she reached Zane, he looked up and grinned cheekily.
    “How’s the pride?” he asked playfully.
    “Still outside waiting by the car.” She was pleased she managed to keep the mortification she really felt about their first meeting out of her voice.
    His grin widened. “So, Larissa , having fun?”
    She stared at him bewildered and more than a little freaked out. “How the hell do you know my name?”
    “Sarah told me you were coming. She described you perfectly; five foot six, long, chocolate-brown hair, hazel eyes, olive complexion, curves in all the right places...” He sat back as he looked her up and down appreciatively. Larissa blushed at this comment and his gaze. In truth, she was comfortable with her curves and her E-cups certainly got their fair share of attention, but it was still embarrassing, being checked out quite so blatantly and thoroughly.
    Zane was still looking at her. “Oh, and you smell like sunflowers.”
    Larissa did not know whether to be angry with Sarah, or to send her a “Thank You” card. She decided to reserve judgment for later.
    Zane sighed. “Please don’t be pissed with her. I’ve known Sarah a very long time. She thought you and I might get along, so she orchestrated this little meeting.” He correctly interpreted the conflict that obviously appeared on her face. “Feel free to leave, but I was hoping we could have a drink?”
    Larissa stared into his fathomless eyes, and turned to see the very lengthy queue behind her.
    “You could be here

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