WOLF DAWN: Science Fiction Thriller/ Romance (Forsaken Worlds)

WOLF DAWN: Science Fiction Thriller/ Romance (Forsaken Worlds) by Susan Cartwright

Book: WOLF DAWN: Science Fiction Thriller/ Romance (Forsaken Worlds) by Susan Cartwright Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Cartwright
Tags: Science-Fiction, Romance, Dark Heroic Fantasy
couldn’t understand, but he could feel it. He knew her and she knew him more completely than anyone had known him before. Their combined emotions were rising, lifting, soaring. Then came a gentle mental wind, a tender, warm breeze of mutual affection and understanding. In concert, they experienced a lightness of being and an overpowering sensation of freedom.
I feel wonderful!
” His thought was a mental shout, bursting with an exultation of the soul. “
What happened?”
    Also enjoying an elevated state, Sartha explained, “
We have provided to one another both mental and spiritual release. Only the need for physical release remains
    Larren was unable to comprehend anything except the glorious sensations he was experiencing. Sartha’s mind flowed through him: images, emotions, and her power caressing, calming … intimate.
    Words held no meaning.
    He thought:
I feel like I have landed in another universe altogether.
    He was both bewildered and bewitched, yet those rarely experienced emotions did not alarm him. They
    He simply couldn’t begin to comprehend what had happened. Not really. All he knew was that what had occurred was utterly out of his experience. His soul burned with wonder … with
Was this what poets and saints wrote about? This awareness? This glory?
    It was something amazing. Extraordinary.
    It changed everything —
    It was as if all he had done or thought or wanted was unimportant.
    Right now, this instant: this was all that mattered.
    There was a shift. He opened new eyes. He had returned to his own flesh, the powerful male form that was comfortably his. He felt invigorated. He’d never been more alive and aware in his life.
    He was also responsive to and conscious of Sartha. He could feel her.
She wanted him.
They were still connected, body and soul. He felt so good.

    He turned to her. Sartha was looking down at him; she moved above him.
    Larren felt an intense craving of the flesh. Such arousal, such need. He gave a sharp expulsion of breath. If lust was an ocean, he had landed far out to sea. He was surrounded by it, drowning in it. He was acutely aware of Sartha. More than anything he wanted to touch her. He knew what she was experiencing; her sensations were his; they were mixing, combining into an overwhelming surge of energy. She smelled so good. He felt her inhale deeply; her breath was as his own. A soft, sweet brush of air moved near his face. She was close enough to kiss.
    The confusion was too much.
    He held her just below her shoulders. Apprehension overrode pleasure. “
I don’t understand. What happens now?

    She cupped his face. He felt the slight pressure of her fingers as she drew him toward the soft warmth of her lips.
she whispered soundlessly inside his mind.
“Why, now we touch

6. Consummation
    One way contact with an off-worlder is always safe as they are mentally blind. Traditionally mind-touch is for partners. There is good reason for this: two-way contact, combined with physical attraction, will result in consummation. Be warned and take care. If there is physical attraction during two-way contact, a chain reaction will commence. This is inevitable and cannot be prevented. Soul-to-soul release; mind-to-mind release; flesh-to-flesh release. Mind-touch with a loving partner is the ultimate consummation. Only mutual climax will conclude such a joining.
    — Queen Bardsley,
The Interpretations
    T heir psychic connection may as well have been forged in tadium, sealed with Plexiglas and surrounded by force fields.
    It was that solid.
    Both Larren and Sartha, soul, mind and body, were locked in two-way mind-touch. According to the Delian Interpretations there was only one means to break such a hold. They had each experienced release of the soul and release of the mind. Now only flesh release would free them from each other.
    Captain Larren Forseth and Lady Sartha Chayton lay together on a king-sized

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