With Friends Like These
start our meeting. Shereen was coming by to tape us in what she called a “natural environment.”
    “Well, I don’t know who told y’all to dress like that, anyway. When I said stylish, I didn’t mean look like you were auditioning to be on BET,” Tameka said as she adjusted herself in her chair. She had on a cute long-sleeved top and some black slacks.
    I looked down at my miniskirt and baby-doll top. Jasmine had on some black leggings and an off-the-shoulder midriff top. Alexis had on a skintight T-shirt.
    “You said that Rachel told you to tell us to make sure we dressed like we were going to a party, because this was a socially themed show. And you said your cousin also said that,” Alexis said.
    “No.” Tameka shook her head. “I said don’t dress like you’re going to a party.”
    “Tameka, I’m sick and tired of you and all your little sneaky ways,” Jasmine screamed. “You were the one who told us that we looked more like we were going to church than to an audition for a teen show host. Then you started talking about all the tight outfits you saw on BET when you were watching videos.”
    Tameka jumped up, coming face-to-face with Jasmine. “Look, it ain’t my fault y’all don’t know nothing. I’m sitting here trying to help y’all out, and instead of being appreciative, you all trying to gang up on me. Didn’t nobody tell you to wear those tired leggings, looking like you’re in the Hoochie Mama of the Year contest,” she snapped.
    I was just as mad as Jasmine. I think I was more mad for even listening to Tameka again. She looked all professional, and we looked like we were going to the club. Nobody really wanted to listen to her, but after the way the producers and the intern had raved over her, I think all of us thought she halfway knew what she was talking about.
    “I’m just sick and tired of your mess,” Jasmine screamed at Tameka.
    “Well, what you gon’ do about it? You make me sick, Jasmine. You act like somebody owes you something. You all need to just realize that I’m the best person for this job and let it go,” Tameka countered.
    “If the best person is the one who can lie, cheat, and do whatever it takes to get the job, then I guess you are the best person for the job,” Jasmine said.
    Tameka and Jasmine were at a standoff, staring each other down.
    “Like it’s my fault y’all can’t handle a little friendly competition,” Tameka said, finally backing down.
    “Competition is one thing, but flat-out lying and cheating to get what you want, that’s just dirty,” I tossed at her.
    “Is that the only way you think you can win?” Jasmine snapped. “You’re so scared that you can’t win this fair and square that you have to stoop to scamming people.”
    “Whatever, Jasmine. It’s not like you even stand a chance anyway,” Tameka responded.
    Before anybody could blink, Jasmine had pushed Tameka so hard, she fell to the ground. Me and Alexis jumped up at the same time to try and grab Jasmine before she pounced on Tameka.
    Before we could get Jasmine calmed down, Tameka had stood up and rushed toward Jasmine. She grabbed Jasmine’s hair, and both of them tumbled to the floor, this time Alexis going right with them.
    Me and Angel had just reached down to try and break them up again when Rachel came storming into the room.
    “What in the world is going on in here?” she screamed.
    We quickly fell all over each other trying to get up from the floor.
    “This makes no sense whatsoever!” Rachel said as she reached down to help me up. “I’m so tired of the bickering and arguing that’s going on over this stupid teen show. It’s all you guys talk about these days. And look at this foolishness. How much you wanna bet this fight has something to do with the show?” She huffed in frustration. “You all are up here acting like a bunch of hooligans, like you don’t have any home training. And all over who’s going to win this job.”
    Me, Alexis, Jasmine, and

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