Witch Is When I Said Goodbye (A Witch P.I. Mystery Book 10)
process him, so you get to see exactly what’s involved.”
    Back in Candlefield, the wizard was behind bars and looking none too happy.
    “I haven’t done anything wrong,” he protested. “I don’t know why you’ve brought me here.”
    “Save it for someone who cares.” Daze waved his complaints away. As promised, she showed me how to complete the paperwork, which was then passed to the officer on duty.
    “So?” Daze said when the three of us were back in Washbridge. “How did you enjoy your day?”
    “It was very tiring, and a little boring for the most part, but it livened up when we caught the wizard.”
    “That’s how it tends to be. It can be quiet for hours, but then it’s all go. So what do you think? Can I sign you up as a Rogue Retriever?”
    I shook my head. “I’m sorry, Daze. It’s really not for me.”
    “I thought you’d jump at the chance. Is it the catsuit you don’t like? You could always have a different colour.”
    “No. I love the outfit. In fact, if it’s all the same to you I’d like to hang onto it.”
    “Of course. But what about the money? It pays well, and I know you’re struggling with the rent.”
    “You’re right, but there’s just too much standing around, doing nothing. I’d be bored out of my skull.”
    “Okay. But if you change your mind.”
    “I’ll give you a call.”
    After I’d left Daze and Blaze, I called in at the office to check if there had been any messages, and to feed Winky who I found playing with a yo-yo. I hadn’t seen one of those since I was about ten years old.
    “What are you doing?”
    “Splitting the atom. What does it look like?”
    Remind me again. Why did I put up with this cat?
    “Yo-yos are for small children, aren’t they? They’re so boring. Up and down, up and down—yawn!”
    “Not when you’re a grand master, like me. Watch! This is called ‘the sleeper’.” He threw the yo-yo towards the ground. At its lowest point, it seemed to stall, as though it was sleeping, and then it shot back up. “Did you see how I made it sleep?”
    “Huh. Anyone can do that.” The last time I’d played with a yo-yo, I could barely get it to go up and down, but I wasn’t about to tell him that.
    “Okay, what about this one, then? This one’s called ‘the forward pass’.”
    This time he threw the yo-yo out in front of him, and back it came. Then, out in front of him again, and back it came again.
    “Pah!” I mocked. “Nothing special about that.”
    “Okay, well what about this? This is called ‘around the world’.”
    He threw the yo-yo out in front of him, but then sent it in a huge arc before catching it again.
    “Hmm? Not bad, I suppose.”
    I was actually really impressed, but there was no way I was going to tell him that.
    “Not bad? That was brilliant. Watch this one.”
    He threw the yo-yo to the side, and when it came back, he caught the string on his other paw, and let the yo-yo swing left and right, left and right, and then it shot back up and he caught it.
    “Okay. I admit that was good. What do you call that trick?”
    “That’s ‘the trapeze’.”
    “So anyway, why the sudden interest in yo-yos?”
    “I became a yo-yo grand master years ago, but I’m a little rusty. I need to get back up to speed before the competition.”
    “Which competition?”
    “The Feline Yo-Yo Masters’ competition.”
    “When’s that?”
    “Soon. I’ll need you to provide transport for me, obviously.”
    “I might be busy.”
    “I’ll give you a share of the prize money.”
    “How much is it?”
    “Two thousand pounds for first place.”
    “Two thousand pounds?”
    “And, do you have a good chance of winning?”
    “The money’s as good as mine already.”
    “Okay, we’ll split it fifty-fifty.”
    “Eighty-twenty,” he countered.
    “I’ll give you thirty percent, and that’s my final offer.”
    “Okay. Done.”

Chapter 12
    I thought I’d better check how

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