Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star by Sabrina Sumsion

Book: Wish Upon a Star by Sabrina Sumsion Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sabrina Sumsion
A beam of light filtered down from the heavens to rest upon the magical words inscribed on the parchment. A few motes of dust danced in the beams as the words penetrated my brain.
    Sadie Hawkins Dance!
Gals grab your guys and boogie!
When: March 3 rd at 7PM
Where: The Gym
Why: To have FUN!
    Okay, so it wasn’t a heavenly message or anything, but it was exactly what I’d been waiting for. This was my chance to ask out David Stauffer –the amazing, dreamy, handsome, awesomely wonderful guy I’ve had my eye on! I needed to plan out my line of attack. I wanted to be more than friends, but I didn’t want to ruin anything if he wanted to keep things platonic. Gah!  I needed girlfriend time to work out these important details.
    “Girl, ask him already! We all know how much you two like each other!” Dierdre exclaimed between bites of her hamburger. Dierdre had been my best friend for years.  Our first day of Kindergarten, we forged a life-long alliance when the ever-annoying Eric Longstein had pulled my hair and she had punched him in the arm.
    “Seriously, you are a couple made in heaven. David and Jen. Your couple name can be Daven!” Lacy chimed in. Lacy’s and my friendship was a weird one. Opposites in almost every way, she is short, soft spoken and always dresses like she’s headed to church.  A tall bean-pole and a little too loud for most situations, I prefer to dress like the guys in baggy jeans and t-shirts with funny sayings. Somehow it works. She reins me in and I help her come out of her shell every once in a while.
    “Or at least forged in battle,” Jamie added. We exchanged a smirk. For some reason, at the beginning of the year, she’d decided to start dressing Goth. She dyed her hair black and used thick black eyeliner. That didn’t affect our friendship though.  She and I play on the same Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game. We were junior guild leaders and loved to raid together. She and I had both squealed over Vent when we discovered David played on our server.  I was in sheer heaven when I accepted his request to join our guild. The fact that he played a tank? Even better!  It was a perfect match to my geared healer. I sent him love in the way of epic heals. Was it really time to evolve our relationship into something a little less digital?
    “I really want to ask him, but what if he’s not into me like that?” I asked.
    “Seriously? You two are always hanging out online. He even eats lunch with us sometimes.” Dierdre said.
    “Yeah. And he makes googley eyes at you offline and sends you winkies online!” Jamie chimed in.
    I opened my mouth to answer when Lacy kicked me.
    “Ouch!” I glared at her. She made meaningful looks at me and then behind me so I turned around. He was walking towards us!  My Adonis in sneakers carried a tray full of food of which my mother would disapprove. He headed towards my table. I smiled and waved. He nodded with a big grin and veered our way.
    “Ladies.” He plopped his tray down next to me.
    “Hey,” we chorused. An awkward silence descended as no one seemed to know what to say. Dierdre looked as though she would pop from excitement and anticipation.
    “Did you see the new epic gear they released? I’m not sure I’m crazy about the colors. It comes off as kind of girly for my DPS offset,” David said.
    “I glanced at the healer set and it looked alright. Then again, I play a chick, so girly doesn’t bother me too much,” I said.
    David chuckled as he wolfed down a mouthful of hamburger and fries. Even though the quantity and speed at which he ate would turn my stomach normally, he was charming with a dab of mustard on his chin.
    “The caster set isn’t bad,” Jamie chimed in, “My spell flinger is gunna look hot as she’s chucking fire balls.”
    Dierdre cut into our conversation. “So that’s cool and all, but have you all seen the posters for the Sadie Hawkins dance coming up?”
    I shot her a look meant

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