Winter Kisses

Winter Kisses by A.C. Arthur

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Authors: A.C. Arthur
    â€œThat doesn’t mean whatever he did was right,” Alex retorted.
    Monica shook her head. “It doesn’t matter. It’s in the past. And I don’t want to talk about it,” she said with finality.
    â€œAt some point in our lives, we all do things we don’t want to do.”
    â€œNot me. Not anymore.” Her lips set firmly as she looked away from him, her dark eyes focusing on the crackling fire.
    Alex touched a hand to her chin, turned her face so she was looking at him again.
    â€œI cannot apologize for whatever he did or didn’t do. All I can do is promise I won’t make the same mistake.”
    â€œHow can you say that when you don’t know what he did?”
    â€œBecause while I may be a lot of things, Queen, I’m no fool.” He traced a finger over her bottom lip. “And only a fool would do something to hurt you.”
    It was ridiculously silly for her insides to turn to mush at his words, not to mention naive. But Monica couldn’t fight the feeling. She couldn’t resist the urge to move closer, to let him take her in his embrace, to be held and comforted, for once. And when Alex did just that she knew she was a goner.

Chapter 12
    â€œI t’s been two days,” Karena said with a sigh.
    â€œThey’re fine, baby.” Sam kneaded her shoulders then moved down to her back.
    â€œNo, they’re not. Alex’s probably dead and stuffed in a closet by now. Monica does not have a high tolerance level.”
    Sam chuckled. “She’s not a murderer, either.”
    â€œWhatever. You laugh if you want, but something’s definitely going on up there and I don’t think it’s good.”
    Before Sam could reply Karena’s cell phone rang. He scooped it off the coffee table and handed it to her.
    â€œKarena Desdune,” she answered. It was the ringtone of a business call.
    â€œMrs. Desdune, this is Adonna from the gallery.”
    â€œYes. Adonna, how can I help you?” She wasn’t sure why Monica’s assistant was calling her but it couldn’t be a good thing.
    â€œI’m trying to get in touch with Ms. Lakefield. I have an urgent message for her as well as a package that arrived yesterday morning. I’ve been calling her cell and emailing her but I’m not getting any response. I thought she’d be back in town by now so I figured I’d give you a call to see if you could advise what I should do.”
    Adonna Banks did whatever Monica instructed her to do. She’d been Monica’s assistant for the past five years and knew her job inside and out—which really translated to her knowing how to avoid Monica’s wrath at all times. So if she was calling Karena at almost ten o’clock on a weeknight then it must be urgent.
    â€œWho is the message from? Maybe I can handle this before Monica returns,” Karena said since she had no idea what her sister was doing or when she would return.
    â€œIt’s from a Yates Hinton. I’ve never heard the name before and he’s not a client. But he’s been calling here nonstop. I think the package is from him, as well. He says its imperative that he speak to Monica as soon as possible. He even asked if I could give out her cell-phone number or the number to where she’s staying.”
    Karena was not happy that Adonna had been right. If Adonna hadn’t heard of someone and they were calling the gallery for Monica then it couldn’t be about gallery business. Which was strange because everyone knew Monica didn’t have a personal life.
    â€œGive me his number. I’ll give him a call and see what I can get out of him.”
    While Adonna read off the number Karena motionedfor Sam to get her something to write with. As she jotted down the name and number she assured Adonna she would take care of everything and not to worry. Even though a very small part of her had begun to do just

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