Wine & Roses
her desire swelled into waves of deep, shimmering pleasure that cascaded through her in a dazzling rush.
    Fighting to catch her breath, she raised her eyes to Jason’s face, a barely visible outline above her. A glimmer of light from somewhere, perhaps the headlights of a passing car slipping through the break in the curtains, caught his eyes and sparked off them like polished gems as he met her gaze.
    “Make love to me now,” she breathed, gathering him closer.
    * * *
    Jason woke with her sleeping form curled against him, her supple curves fitting neatly alongside his larger shape. Releasing a deep breath, he relaxed into his pillow, contentment settling over him. Abby’s auburn curls tumbled about her head, ticking his chin, and he gently brushed the strands away from his face, careful not to jostle the bed. Though he longed to stroke her bare arm, or bend his head to kiss her shoulder, he was reluctant to do so and wake her.
    Touching her was something he’d felt compelled to do since the moment they met, and having been given free reign last night, he had relished the chance to freely explore her body. Her response to him had aroused him to incredible heights; the knowledge that he was able to please her gave him immense satisfaction.
    More than this, Jason realized he was falling in love with Abby. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with the emotion, or whether loving her frightened him or made him ecstatic. He was still too steeped in the heady glow of their lovemaking to think about what the future might hold. Here and now, he felt content to lie with her and let the slow, steady rhythm of her breathing lull him back to sleep.
    Before he could close his eyes again she stirred, stretching her long legs before rolling onto her back. Her eyes flickered open, gazing up at him as a soft smile touched her lips.
    “Morning,” she said sleepily, reaching up to stroke his cheek with her fingertips, as though to assure herself that her night with him hadn’t been a dream.
    “Morning, Abby. Did you sleep well?”
    “Very well.” Glancing down at the sheet draped over her waist, she realized her breasts were exposed and quickly gathered the sheet up to her neck. Still clutching it as she sat up, she pushed back her unruly hair, frowning. “I must look dreadful.”
    “You look beautiful,” Jason said, meaning it. Without make up, and with her hair tousled wildly, she looked natural and radiant.
    Her smile returned, touching her eyes. “So you weren’t disappointed last night?”
    “Quite the opposite. You?”
    “I was only disappointed that it had to end.” Her smile turned sweetly bashful as colour rose in her cheeks.
    Jason propped himself on one elbow, facing her. “It doesn’t have to end.”
    “I’ll be gone for three weeks,” she reminded him, referring to the book-signing tour she’d be leaving on in a few days. He’d almost forgotten about it.
    “I’ll miss you every moment.” He bent to kiss her shoulder. When he looked up, he saw a crease between her brows, her eyes holding a troubled look. “What is it?”
    “Jason, you know I’m nine years older than you,” she said. “Doesn’t that bother you?”
    “Why should it?”
    “Because … because you’re still a young man. You’ll want a young woman, one who can give you a family.”
    So that’s what was bothering her. “Abby, I’m not looking to get married right now. Or anytime soon. After the disaster of my last engagement, I’m in no hurry at all.”
    Her frown deepened, and Jason realized at once that his reassurances were misplaced. Oh, hell. He should have talked to her about this before. He’d implied to her that he was falling in love, and it was the truth, but the rest of it … marriage and babies … he just couldn’t think of those things right now. He believed that Abby loved him, too, and he wanted her to feel that way. But maybe to her, being in love meant a promise of something permanent. He wasn’t sure he

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