Willow Smoke

Willow Smoke by Adriana Kraft

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Authors: Adriana Kraft
you’d teach me about horses. Remember?”
    Daisy giggled. “You sure are a wheeler dealer. I thought the latest revision of the deal was you’d teach me about sex if I’d teach you about horses. Seems like I’m getting more for
my efforts than you are.”
    “No way!” He gave her a lopsided smile. “And I don’t just mean what’s going on in bed. Believe me, the teacher is getting as much pleasure out of that as the
student is. Hell, I’d never be into horses if it weren’t for you convincing me
to hold on to Blaze. Haven’t you ever heard of consulting fees? You’ve earned
your share of the purse and more. So what are you going to do with it?”
haven’t given it much thought.” She clasped her hands in her lap and looked out
the passenger window at the fence posts rapidly disappearing from view.
Directing her attention back to Nick, she offered, “Maybe I’ll put half of it
in my college fund and half in a new account to save up for another horse
nodded. “Sounds good, but don’t you ever do anything just for fun? I didn’t
hear any recreational plans.”
don’t have time. Besides, it’s largely a waste of money I don’t have. Just
because I have money today doesn’t mean it’ll be there tomorrow.”
like your grandmother talking.”
trace of a smile formed on Daisy’s lips. “I suppose you’re right. But it’s
No celebrations? Back to the grindstone?”
reached over and ran a finger up Nick’s thigh. “We’ve been celebrating ever
since Rainbow crossed the finish line. Not that I’m complaining. I suppose
we can always find time to celebrate something.”
    He grabbed her hand and held it against his inner thigh. “Now that’s the truth, kid. Hell, we can always celebrate the fact that the sun came up, or that we’re still breathing, or that you keep flunking your finals in sex education.”
    “You’re right. I’ll need
a lot more tutoring before I even
try that test again.”
    Daisy turned up the apartment window fan to high.
She stood in front of the anemic breeze it produced and pulled the sticky tank top away from her skin. At ten o’clock at night, the temperature still hovered near eighty-five degrees and the humidity had to be even higher. If this didn’t qualify as a steamy night in Chicago, she didn’t know what would.
    Her door buzzer rang loudly. Maybe she shouldn’t have had the manager fix it. Nick wasn’t supposed to come by tonight. They’d agreed on making some space for themselves. They’d been back only a week, and he’d been over nearly every night. Their lovemaking remained intense, but even that was curtailed for the moment. Her monthly cycle forced a recess in her education. Surely he knew
that, so why was he here?
    She dashed to the door and flung it open. Her heart tumbled; sex shouldn’t make her brain dead or cost her street smarts. Why hadn’t she peeked through the peep-hole?
    “Bitch!” Reggie screamed, slamming her against the wall. “My tips. You didn’t leave a message. There was a hundred to one shot winner this weekend. I should’ve had him.”
    Oh my God! She’d forgotten all about Reggie and his betting tips. Trying to show no fear, Daisy slipped out of Reggie’s grasp and walked into the living room, buying time.
    “I’m sorry.” She sighed.
“You know I had totake a horse to
Minnesota to race. I’ve never been out of the state before; I guess I’m having difficulty adjusting. Maybe it’s like jet lag.”
    Reggie frowned. “I’ve never heard of that. Don’t know why anyone would want to leave the city. This place is big enough to have everything a body would want and then some.”
    His eyebrows shot up. “Bitch,
it don’t matter. You owe me. I lost money because you spaced out. Sure you’re not on dope? I could
help you there, if you want.”
I’ll get you twice as many tips this week.”
sure they’re good

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