Where the Heart is (Interracial with Baby) (BWWM)

Where the Heart is (Interracial with Baby) (BWWM) by Cristina Grenier

Book: Where the Heart is (Interracial with Baby) (BWWM) by Cristina Grenier Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cristina Grenier
could say anything else, Sal was hitting the order up bell with his massive hand.
    "Melt for table five!" he called, even though they were standing right there.
    "I'd like to keep my hearing, Sal, thanks," Jamie said, shooting him a look before she scooped up the plate and went to take it to the proper table. She was grateful for having an excuse to not be talking to Adam anymore, though, and she sighed, hoping he wasn't expecting anything from her.
    As the year drew to a close, Jamie started getting herself prepared for saying goodbye to Simon again. She knew that it would be different this time around, considering he was just a couple hours' drive away from her, and now that she knew that he would actually welcome a visit, it was easy to talk about how it would work.
    "I don't get that many off days," Simon had explained on one of the last nights in December while they were laying in bed together. "And my hours are insane, and since I took off two weeks for the holidays, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be like fifty before I get more than a day off at a time, but I'd try really hard to squeeze in time for you if you came. There's loads to see in the city anyway, so you could explore and stuff while I'm working. Maybe see if anyone's hiring for writing jobs."
    Jamie made a face at him and tossed her pillow at his face. "Give it a rest, Blake," she said. "I'll get there. Jeez."
    But she was touched that he cared. When he'd cut off all contact the first time, she had convinced herself that it was because he didn't actually care about her and that everything he'd said had been a lie. And while that wasn't the most sensible way to think about it, it had made sense to her in her heartbroken state.
    She was determined that instead of fussing at him, she was going to treasure these moments while she could, so she rolled over and kissed him hard on the mouth to get him to shut up. And also so they could start round two now that they were both recovered from the first round of hands and mouths being everywhere.
    New Year's Eve was also Simon's last day with them, and they had a busy day. It started at Adelaide's house, with her toasting to Simon's career and that he would treasure the things and people he had more now than he had in the past. Matthew had hugged his son and wished him well, and Jamie was polite enough to turn her face away when Simon got a little choked up.
    She knew that he felt bad about how he had treated his father when he needed him, so it was good that they had reconciled.
    This trip had obviously done Simon a lot of good all around.
    From there, they went to the party at The Pit. Every year Sal made bunches of food and there were drinks and people from all over the town came in to celebrate the new year. The place was packed when they arrived, and Jamie and Simon immediately found themselves with drinks in their hands, courtesy of a winking Kathryn.
    "Ring in the new year right," she said, laughing.
    "Kat, there's still at least two hours before it's officially the new year. You just want to drink."
    She shrugged, knocking back a shot. "Guilty. Simon, don't you go forgetting us again, boy. You hear me? I'll send Sal after you if I have to."  
    The two of them watched as she made her way over to where Sal was handing out slider burgers to a group against the wall. When she leaned up and kissed him right on the mouth, they both stared.
    "Everything makes so much sense now," Simon said, chugging his drink. "And also I feel like most of my life has been a lie. How old even is Sal?"
    Jamie shook her head. "I have no idea. I am so confused right now."
    But there was music playing and people dancing, and when Simon offered Jamie his hand, she took it and let him lead her out into the middle of the diner, laughing as they danced together.
    She couldn't think of any better way to spend the last day of the year, and when Simon leaned into her and whispered that they should go somewhere else, she had to smile and

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