What Love Has Lost

What Love Has Lost by Mindy McCalester

Book: What Love Has Lost by Mindy McCalester Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mindy McCalester
so want to know what you guys were conversing!" I exclaim, scooting closer to Nate's body. Then, I realize how close I am with him, so I decide to scoot back, away from him. He gives me a confused look. "What?"
    Nathan scoffs and shakes his head, back and forth. "I want to show you something."
    "Okay, where is it?" I smile.
    Nathan lets out a deep, sultry chuckle. "Come with me." He orders.
    I don't know where he's going with this, but I hope this isn't bad.
    Without hesitating, Nate grabs my hand as he leads us out of the apartment. We both run out of the apartment and into the cold air. Okay, I should have gotten a jacket, but Nathan offered to give his jacket to me. He says that he has an extra one in his car.
    Quickly, he starts the car and turns on the heater on high. I shiver. "Where are we heading?"
    Nathan ignores me and turns on the radio. "Just relax." He explains, and then winks at me.
    Still confused, I try not to worry about it. Turning the volume on his radio, I listen to the modern music. I sing along to the songs. There are some lines that I don't know, but I just wing it. Nathan won't stop laughing at me. I gently hit him against the arm. He feigns a hurt.
    Driving, I look at the clock. It's almost ten o'clock at night. Rhiannon and Grady might be worried about us. Honestly, I still don't know where Nathan is driving us. I just hope he's not kidnapping me for some odd reason.
    "Um, you're not kidnapping me, are you?" I finally ask.
    Nathan laughs half-heartedly. "No, I'm not unless you want me to kidnap you." He wiggles his eyebrows. I roll my eyes as I stare out the window. It's foggy outside, and the side windows are foggy, so I draw onto them. I love drawing on foggy windows! It keeps the mind out of boredom.
    Finally, we arrive to our destination. It's still dark. Oh my god, we're going to be kidnapped by some wolves, or a wooly mammoth! Shivering, I ask Nathan where we are but he ignores me, again. Twisting the key and pulling it out of the ignition, I panic. "Nathan, where are you going?"
    "Stay here." He whispers and gives me a quick kiss on the lips.
    Pouting, I wait in the car. Nathan is definitely starting to scare me. Then, I hear a knock on my window. I'm scared to open the door. What if it's a black bear, trying to eat me? What if it's a strange creeper, trying to rape and kill me?
    "Inna, open the door." A familiar voice commands. Cleaning the window, I see Nathan's face. Sighing with relief, I unlock the door and open it. Unexpectedly, he grabs me as I squeal. I quickly get out of the car, but Nathan wraps his arms from behind. Still squealing and laughing, he picks me up.
    "Oh my god, put me down!" I squeal. He doesn't pay attention, but he walks as he is still carrying me. Still carrying me, I start to get bored. "Where are we going?" I exclaim.
    Nathan finally gently places me onto my feet. Nathan whistles as we start seeing lights, glowing in the atmosphere. "Wow, I can't believe that you planned this all along." I breathe.
    Then, we hear music, coming from afar. My mouth gaps open. "Shut up!"
    Nathan chuckles, rubbing the back of his head. "Shall I have this dance, Madam?"
    Blushing, I nod and gently takes his hand. Then, the lights starts flashing onto this small circle, which is our dance floor. This is so like the scene from The Cinderella Story, where there is Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. I adore that scene.
    He leads the way as I follow. Walking up the steps and into the small circle, we stop. I watch Nathan take a bow. I slowly curtsy. He takes out his hand and I gladly accept it. Pulling me towards him, he places his hands onto my waist. I embrace my arms around his neck as we start to sway with the music.
    I take this moment, embracing this new memory of us. "This is incredible, Nate."
    "Inn, I brought you here because I wanted to ask you this question all day." Nathan admits. Suddenly, he lets go of me and gets down on one knee. Oh my god, please don't

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