What Goes Around

What Goes Around by Denene Millner

Book: What Goes Around by Denene Millner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Denene Millner
Tags: Fiction
out the window. “I remember when I first started dating Michael. He used to trip every time my phone rang. Now it’s like he wouldn’t even care if I was on the phone with freaking Chris Brown. Or what’s the name of that cute boy from Day 26?”
    â€œUgh, as if any of the boys in Day 26 were ever cute!” Rhea countered with a laugh. Sydney smiled at Rhea’s reaction.
    â€œWhatever, silly, my point is,” Carmen said, pointedly ignoring Rhea’s sarcastic comment, “everyone goes through it. And then, just like that, they stop. And you almost wish they cared enough to get worked up.”
    â€œI hear you, but I don’t remember Marcus being like this,” Sydney said doubtfully. “Jason seemed really angry with me.”
    â€œBut remember, Syd,” Rhea offered. “Marcus never had any competition. When the two of you got together, it was like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Who else could you have been with that was equally fly? Had Jason been around, it might have been a different story.”
    â€œGood point,” Carmen nodded. “It’s a totally different ball game now.”
    â€œAnd not for nothing,” Rhea continued. “It’s kinda cute that he got that worked up. I think he really, really likes you.”
    â€œWell, when you put it like that…” Sydney said, finally starting to come around.
    â€œFor sure,” Carmen said as she finished up the last of her drink. She stood up and stretched.
    â€œYou’re finished already?” Sydney questioned as she slowly sipped her latte.
    â€œYou know how greedy I am,” Carmen laughed over her shoulder as she headed over to the trash with the empty container and used napkins.
    â€œSo how was volunteering today?” Rhea inquired.
    â€œIt was really good, thanks,” Sydney said. “I was a little tired ’cause we didn’t get home from dinner until, like, almost eleven o’clock, but overall it was fine.”
    â€œTrue. I didn’t get home until almost one o’clock myself,” Rhea said. “David Harris had a bunch of guys from the team over, so we were hanging out there.”
    â€œSounds like fun,” Sydney said.
    â€œIt was, actually,” Rhea admitted. “At first, I was nervous because I don’t really know any of the other girlfriends, but Tim stayed glued to my side the whole night, so it was cool.”
    Carmen returned to the table and sat down. “What was cool?”
    â€œThe get-together at D-Harris’s house,” Rhea explained. “That’s where Tim and I ended up last night after I left the committee meeting.”
    â€œAh, I see,” Carmen said as she opened her purse and started digging around for her lip gloss. “Michael and I went back to his parents’ house and watched Iron Man for, like, the hundreth time,” she said with an eye-roll. “I swear, that boy is such a comic book freak.”
    â€œBack to his house, huh?” Sydney teased as she finally finished up her latte. “Is there something we should know, Carmen? Don’t make me call Harold and Cheryl!”
    â€œGirl, please. I already told you he and I are taking things very slowly. I am not trying to become the next Dara up in Brookhaven Prep,” she said sarcastically.
    â€œI know that’s right,” Rhea agreed as she stood up andgestured to Sydney to pass her empty cup. “I’ll be right back; I need to use the restroom.”
    â€œWell, Carm, just keep me posted,” Sydney said as she passed the cup and used napkins to her friend. “Inquiring minds always want to know.”
    â€œSpeaking of inquiring minds,” Carmen said as Rhea walked away. “Is everything okay with your family? My mom was reading the article about what’s been going on with the IRS and she said it sounds like they’re really trying to set an example with Altimus. I know I was teasing you the

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