Waterfall (Dragon's Fate)

Waterfall (Dragon's Fate) by Lacy Danes

Book: Waterfall (Dragon's Fate) by Lacy Danes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lacy Danes
shoulder to her elbow.
    Jordan stared at her exposed shoulder. The calm blue of his eyes swirled to a deep green. He craved her as badly. Wetness coated the lips between her thighs. They should not indulge until she was free to do so. She pulled her hand from his and reached for the fabric.
    His fingers firmly wrapped about her wrist before she could reach the shirt’s edge. He leaned in and pressed his lips to the round swell of her shoulder. Slow flicks of his tongue wet along her collarbone. Goose bumps washed her skin. She wanted this. No matter how wrong his touching her was… “Mmmm.” Her head fell back, giving him access to her neck. Desire babbled like a slow brook through her body.
    She should be….
    She wanted…
    Oh! She didn’t care what she should be. This was now. Her body trembled with that acknowledgment. He continued to flick his tongue up her neck. Yes, she wanted that.
    A groan rumbled from deep in his chest. “Celeste.” Her name danced in the air. “Write your note. I want to swim with you.”
    “Quite so, but not in the sea. In something warm.” His lips continued to press and nip the flesh of her neck. Hours prior that one word would have terrified her. So much had happened, she now questioned that fear. He slowly backed the two of them toward the stool, then rotated his body behind her and pushed her down with his hands.
    His teeth scraped up to her ear, and her knees buckled. She sat with an ungraceful thud, the desk before her and Jordan behind.
    He knelt and trailed his fingers along her exposed shoulder blade. His breath puffed in her ear. “Write.”
    She picked up the quill and flipped open the ink. Her soul played with his as she placed the quill to paper. His fingers shifted around her sides and gently pulled the fabric up her legs to pool in her lap. Her insides quivered, and the flesh between her thighs wept, wanting his touch. His teeth scraped along the back of her neck, and with a feather-light touch, he traced her right nipple. Her vision hazed, and her hand moved the quill without thought on the paper. Heat pulsed through her body to the core of her sex.
    She slipped her legs apart. Her head fell forward, and her hand hastened across the paper. His fingers traced and then flicked her nipple. She lifted the quill, dipped the tip into the ink, and placed it back on the paper.
    His other hand dropped to the swell of her belly and directly to the curly hair beneath the edge of the cotton shirt. Her stomach jumped and quivered. His fingers pushed down and rubbed two firm circles at the apex of her thighs.
    Twinges clenched the lips of her sex. He certainly did things to her body in a way she had always imagined passion could be. He circled his fingers downward and pushed the fabric between her legs. He wiggled his fingers and parted the lips of her sex through the cloth. Her cunny contracted, and her mouth dropped open. The quill stopped on the parchment. He tapped his fingers against the lips of her sex. The cotton shirt clung to the moisture of her opening. My stars, the shirt’s barrier stopped his fingers’ entry and she wanted his touch inside her. She wiggled her hips, and his fingers retreated, continuing the circle’s path up and around the top of the hair.
    “Concentrate on the task at hand, Celeste,” he scolded in a playful manner.
    Her hand continued across the paper, but words blurred in the sensations he created.
    His lips seized the column of flesh just below her ear, and the hand that teased her breast pinched her nipple. She arched her head away from him. She wanted him to bite her again as he teased her with his hands. Would he?
    His breath warmed her ear. “Not now. Finish your letter, and we shall go for a swim so I can teach you more of what I know and don’t know.”
    She turned her head and gazed into his eyes. “You don’t know?”
    “There are so many questions all of us have. You need to know them. Since we found each other, I

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