Warriors of Poseidon 01.5 - Wild Hearts in Atlantis

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cat relinquished its hold, and the woman returned.
    Muscles and bone reshaped themselves, but Kat knew the feel of it now. Knew she could shift again, and was glad.
    Wild Hearts In Atlantis – Warriors of Poseidon 1.5
    Page 82 of 85
    She rose, proudly nude, her clothes shredded by the shift, to stand in front of him. He smiled that slow, dangerous smile of his and swept her up to cradle her in his arms.
    "You are mine, little shifter. And no enemy will ever take you from me."
    She put her arms around his neck and smiled. "Goes both ways, Atlantean. You're mine, too." Then her smile faded. "But we've got a lot of problems to face. We must tell Ethan about Fallon and arrange for her funeral." Her voice broke. "And Nicky's."
    Bastien's head suddenly snapped up, and he released her and unsheathed his daggers.
    "Show yourself," he shouted to the darker shadows at the edge of the lawn.
    An enormous panther hurled itself toward them, shifting as it ran, and then Ethan stood before them, fully dressed.
    I have to learn that, she thought absently, suddenly aware of her nudity. Bastien ripped his shirt from his body and handed it to her. As she drew it over her head, the hem falling nearly to her knees, she heard the unspeakably weary voice of her pride alpha.
    "You don't need to tell me anything. I'm here," Ethan said, looking down at the body of his dead mate. "I wish I could feel. nothing for this death, considering how cheaply she purchased it for herself and her traitorous acts."
    "Death is never to be taken lightly, and you cared for this woman," Bastien replied, pulling Kat close. "I am sorry for your loss. She was, perhaps, misled."
    "My people intercepted yours in their search for `the evidence, part two,' as your warrior called it," Ethan continued. "Together, they found several newly formed vampires willing to sell Organos out in hopes our people would let them live. Your intelligence was correct. We have the names of the practitioners in the black coven who helped him, as well."
    Wild Hearts In Atlantis – Warriors of Poseidon 1.5
    Page 83 of 85
    "Did they?" Kat asked.
    "Did they what?"
    "Let the vampires live."
    Death itself gleamed in Ethan's feral eyes. "No, they did not. Neither will we suffer the witches to live."
    Bastien raised an eyebrow. "Quoting the Bible?"
    "Our form of religion does not differ so much from Christianity, Atlantean," Ethan said. "I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideology with your priest some day."
    "As I am sure he would, with you. In more peaceful times."
    Kat shivered. "That's what we need to pray for, all of us. More peaceful times."
    Bastien wrapped his arms around her. "Pray and fight. Whatever Poseidon and your own gods require."
    The sound of an approaching vehicle grew closer. "That will be my people. I will call a council to discuss these matters. But you may be sure that we will be on your side in the coming war, Bastien."
    "A war that we will win, Ethan. Strong allies and the side of justice must prevail."
    The men clasped arms, and then Ethan looked down at Kat. "I see that you have made your choice, my Kat who is my Kat no more."
    Wild Hearts In Atlantis – Warriors of Poseidon 1.5
    Page 84 of 85
    "I was never your Kat, Ethan. You made your choice, as I've made mine," she said. "I, too, am sorry for your loss. No matter what she was or did, she didn't deserve this. I'm glad we killed Organos to avenge her."
    Bastien made a grumbling sound. "You were indeed formidable as a panther."
    Ethan's eyes flared with interest. "This, too, is something I want to see and hear about.
    But another time." He bent to lift Fallon's broken body into his arms, as the headlights flashed in the driveway.
    "Another time," Kat echoed sadly. She and Bastien stood watching as Ethan drove off with his dead mate's body. Then she turned to face her own mate, as she now knew him to be.

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