War for Orion: Ghosts from the Past
through the compound. Before any of you ask, this is
the only picture that I have of the compound. We have no pictures
of floor plans or the inside of the building, so we're going to
have to be quick on our feet and ready for surprises."
    "Exactly how many men are to be expected in
there?" The rock man asked.
    "We have almost no intel on them Ferris," He
crossed his hands behind his back and paced. "All we have is a
base. We got this information through a captured criminal that has
been working closely with the Deimos Brotherhood. After a little
persuasion, he told us told us about this compound. He couldn't
provide us with any further information. It seems that even the
other organizations who have been working closely with them, know
very little about them."
    Donnchadh stood up. "We're going here based
off what a criminal told you? Are you insane?"
    Armino turned to Donnchadh. "It is reliable
information. Now sit down," he ordered. "We have been watching the
compound and we have seen ships from multiple crime organizations
come and go. We have never known these organizations to work
together, in fact, we know they compete in their crimes."
    "So what? Maybe they decided to come together
for a change," Donnchadh said. "It wouldn't be a terrible idea for
    "Yes. But why?" Armino asked. "Why would they
come together after doing the opposite for so long?"
    Donnchadh shrugged. "I don't know, maybe
someone convinced them."
    "Exactly!" Armino exclaimed. "Whoever is
running the Deimos Brotherhood has brought all these other
organizations together so they can stay under the radar. The
other groups are sloppy with the work that they do, but the Deimos
Brotherhood likes to be quick and precise. They also don't care who
takes credit for their jobs because we have confirmed over a dozen
crimes linked to them that four other groups have taken credit
    "It makes no sense," Moran said. "These
groups take pride in their crimes."
    "No, it doesn't make sense." Armino agreed.
"There are four groups we have seen at this compound, and our
criminal told us of all four before we knew about them, so it leads
us to believe they have some type of deal with the leader of the
Deimos Brotherhood. These organizations build rep for crimes they
carry out, so it appears the leader has made some type of deal
allowing the other groups to gain rep while the Deimos Brotherhood
stays under the radar."
    "Why would they want to stay undetected if
the other groups go out of their way to stand out?" Ferris
    Armino shrugged. "We don't know why they want
to stay undetected. It goes against everything that these groups
believe in, but it leads me to believe there are bigger things in
    "What kind of deal could the leader have made
that would all of a sudden bring these groups that hate each other
together?" Moran asked.
    Armino shrugged again. "We don't know. We're
only assuming that there's some type of deal, why else would they
be meeting at this compound? Maybe there is no deal, we don't know
for sure. All we know is that these other groups are claiming
crimes that they haven't carried out and that they 're meeting
someone at this compound for some reason. We've never seen these
organizations work together, or with someone else, so we can only
assume the leader of the Deimos Brotherhood has orchestrated
    "Well," Donnchadh started and paused. "Who's
their leader?"
"No one knows. The criminal we've been talking to says he never
shows his face to anybody, but seems to be a very well educated man
who knows a lot about politics and has a lot of connections. That
might explain how he was able to bring a bunch of criminals who
hate each other together, but we have no idea who he is or why he
hides his identity," Armino answered.
    Ferris spoke up from the back. "I've heard
enough. This group sounds dangerous. If they've tried this hard to
stay hidden from us, we need to eliminate them as quickly as we can
before something really bad

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