Void by Cassy Roop

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Authors: Cassy Roop
Tags: Romance
The wind was sharp enough to slice through my body like a knife, but I was numb.
    I needed a fix.
    I needed to get the fuck out of there.

    I WAITED BY THE BAR, throwing back another cocktail as I waited for Andris to return. My head was feeling fuzzy from the alcohol. Between stares from Cardinelli, as he raked his sleazy eyes all over my body, I was ready to retreat. At the same time, I didn’t want to leave in case Link really did show up.
    I felt the pangs of want. The need for my fix filtered through my veins, turning my blood warm and heating my body from the inside out. I needed the needle. The penetration that invaded me and let me surrender to the sensations and feelings that I got to experience when I was with him.
    I felt my phone buzz in my clutch and fished it out of my purse.
    Unknown: He wants you outside in 5 minutes. A car will be waiting.
    I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. Like the crack addict who just got the promise of relief after a three day withdraw. I slipped my phone back in my purse and started to head towards the bathroom to freshen up when a large hand on my upper arm stopped me.
    “Where are you off to in such a hurry?”
    I recognized the voice of my client, Mr. Patterson, so I spun around and plastered the practiced smile that I had down to a T. Years of faking had really made me into a beautiful actress.
    “Hello, Mr. Patterson. I’m just off to the ladies room before I leave for the night.”
    His beady eyes landed on my chest, zeroing in on the skin of my breasts framed by my dress.
    Hello, asshole. My eyes are up here.
    “You can’t leave just yet, Jericho. Mrs. Patterson has already retired for the evening and I have another room booked in the other tower of the hotel. Cardinelli wants a session. He said he is willing to pay twice our normal fee.”
    I looked over Mr. Patterson’s shoulder to see Antonio staring at me as he tipped up his glass before draining the liquid from his glass.
    “I’m very sorry, Mr. Patterson, but I am booked for the evening. In fact, I am booked in advance for the next twelve weeks. I’m sure if you call the agency, Alexandra will find you a suitable girl.”
    “We don’t want another girl. My good friend here has raved about you, and after seeing you for myself, I must have a taste,” Cardinelli said after he had approached where Mr. Patterson and I were standing. He lifted a hand to trace his fingers down my arm, leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake.
    And not the welcome kind.
    Something about this man screamed trouble. There was a gleam of dominance in his eye and I watched his pupils dilate as he scanned my body.
    “I’m sorry, I really am booked. I must be leaving. I have a client that has paid in advance and has requested my services,” I said as I looked around the room, whispering so that no one could hear me. Cardinelli’s eyes changed, where there was once fire, now there was ice. The fingers that were skimming my arm, encompassed my wrist, squeezing so hard I could feel my heart beat through my pulse point.
    “I’ll double what he is paying.”
    Double the pay? Twelve weeks at twelve and a half grand a session and this man in front of me was offering twice that amount? Momentarily my mind wanted to say yes. That amount of money would put me ahead for a really long time. I wouldn’t have to fuck so many sleezeballs in order to survive and I could pull back on my client list. I could even afford a vacation, new wardrobe, and anything else that I wanted.
    But my body was denying me. It wanted to feel the strength of Link’s hands on my body, the shudders that I felt as his cock massaged me from the inside out. It wanted the heat, the fire, and the desire, that I felt the night I was with him. I wanted to see where it would go. I was curious to see if the same feeling of desire was there when I was with him once again.
    Maybe he was exactly what I needed to fill my empty soul. To

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