Viking Warrior
on; his mouth was literally devouring her. Her mind spun in denial. She should hate Wulf’s kisses. She should be struggling in his arms instead of melting into his hard body. She felt his muscles rippling down his firm abdomen and pressed herself closer, suddenly aware that his rigid sex was throbbing against her stomach.
    Wulf broke off the kiss and grinned down at her. “Your body tells me you are not as opposed to me as you pretend.”
    “I hate you, Wulf the Ruthless,” Reyna hissed.
    “Do you?” He kissed her again, this time moving his hands from her waist to her breasts, cupping them and then tweaking her nipples until they became pebble hard. His touch was surprisingly gentle as his lips coaxed an unwilling response from her.
    How could this man be the same brute who had ripped her innocence from her? Reyna wondered. This man was as different from that abuser of innocents asnight was from day. Wulf made her body feel things she feared. She shouldn’t want to experience desire with Wulf, or with any man. And yet…
    Reyna’s cheeks burned. She broke the kiss and turned her face away. “This…cannot be happening. You are…You did…”
    “I did naught, but I certainly intend to, and very soon.”

    Wulf was shocked by his unaccustomed lack of control. He had lusted after Reyna since she’d first come to the farmstead. Hagar had urged him to find a woman to bed in Kaupang but he hadn’t wanted just any woman; he wanted Reyna. Her response to his kisses and the way she had melted into his body surprised him. He had expected much less but wanted much more.
    Grasping Reyna about the waist, he flung her over his shoulder and strode toward the door.
    “Stop! What are you doing?”
    “My patience is gone. I have waited long enough for you to come to me.”
    The door opened before he reached it. Thora stepped inside and stopped abruptly, her face clouded with concern.
    “What is going on here? Has my son hurt you, Reyna?”
    “Mother,” Wulf said with waning patience, “I have not hurt Reyna and do not intend to. Has everyone forgotten that Reyna belongs to me? Why are you here?”
    “I came to fetch Reyna. I have not seen her since she broke her fast this morning and we are waiting for her to join us for the evening meal. I sent Helga to your hall to fetch you but here you are, Wulf.”
    “I am not hungry for food,” Wulf said as he attempted to brush past Thora.
    Reyna lifted her head and sent Thora a look of mute appeal. “I am starving, Lady Thora.”
    “If you are not hungry, Wulf, put Reyna down so she can eat with us,” Thora ordered. “Before you protest, we have a guest, son, one you will wish to greet. He arrived a short time ago.”
    “A guest? Were we expecting company?”
    “Rannulf needs no invitation. He decided to visit his sister before winter snow makes travel difficult. I invited him to spend a few days with us before he returns to his farmstead. I…I think he is interested in wedding Helga.”
    Wulf set Reyna carefully on her feet. Would Rannulf recognize Reyna, or she him? How would she react when she came face-to-face with the man who had ravished her? As much as Wulf wanted to shield Reyna from Rannulf’s hurtful presence, he knew that bringing them together would force Reyna to recognize that she had accused him, Wulf, falsely.
    “Very well, Mother, Reyna and I shall greet Rannulf. I do not want to keep Hagar’s brother-in-law waiting.”
    Grasping Reyna’s elbow, Wulf ushered her out the door. Thora fell in step behind them.

Chapter Six
    Wulf and Reyna entered Hagar’s hall together. The family was gathered around their guest, talking animatedly. Wulf watched Reyna closely, waiting for her to recognize Rannulf as the man who had ravished her. Rannulf saw them first and called out a greeting, a huge smile stretching his lips. They grasped arms and patted each other on the back.
    Wulf glanced at Reyna. Her brow was furrowed and her cheeks were unnaturally pale. He

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